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Camp Esther: Building pro-life youth who will change the culture

by | Aug 24, 2016

By Alison Stevens, New York State Right to Life

Camp Esther campers

Camp Esther campers

For eight years, Camp Esther has been taking young people who comprehend the preciousness of every life – no matter the age or health or level of dependency — and building these teenagers into leaders in the pro-life movement.

Camp Esther helps them realize that they can make a difference, and empowers them to bring life to this culture of death. When young people get together, the results are nothing short of amazing!

After a packed weekend of listening to powerful speakers, hearing inspiring testimonies, asking questions and sharing thoughts, ideas and their own experiences, 28 teens and young adults from all over New York State left Camp Esther 2016 with an inspiring passion for life and a drive to fight for it in every way possible.

campesterNY5reOne question we ask is, “Are campers going home and acting on what they’ve learned?” What an inspiring thing to be able to say, “YES, THEY ARE!”

We see young people who have come to Camp Esther year after year, create career plans based on fighting on behalf of pro-life issues. Campers are heading into college prepared and confident in their abilities to communicate the importance of supporting life in class and on campus.

Here at New York State Right to Life, we have a multitude of Camp Esther attendees who are interning with us, or who are working at pro-life pregnancy centers throughout New York State. They are also s developing and leading pro-life groups in their schools today.

campesterNY6reFor Camp Esther campers, the term ‘Pro-Life’ is not just something their parents feel … not just a slogan they know something about … it is a way of life for these young people, who will become the leaders of towns, cities, New York State or even the United States. T

These are also the voters of tomorrow, who will unashamedly support and build a government that sees the value of life. These are the young people who want to, can and will change our world!

What an honor it is to help them grow in preparation to do just that!

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