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Choosing “The Simone Perspective”

by | Aug 19, 2016

God doesn’t see numbers, he sees people

By Kirk Walden

Simone Biles

Simone Biles

American gymnast Simone Biles’ story is more than one of Olympic gold; it is one of perspective. So what follows below is not an argument, or an “I told you so” moment to the abortion community. It is simply one writer’s thoughts on perspective.

The life-affirming Pregnancy Help Community lives out one perspective every day. Let’s call it, “Potential,” or what we might now term, “The Simone Perspective.” Those who carry a pro-choice label, and those in the abortion lobby, carry another. For fairness’ sake, let’s call it “Realism.”

We know Biles is leaving Rio with four gold medals and a bronze, perhaps giving the world the best Olympic gymnastics performance of all-time.

The world also knows Biles’ story is an amazing one; it’s front-page news that her birthmother battled addiction issues, that Simone and her sister bounced through foster care for years, and that they were adopted by their maternal grandfather and grandmother, Ron and Nellie Biles.

We also understand that Ron and Nellie, through adoption, are in every sense of the word, Simone’s “real” mom and dad. Theirs is a story of faith, fortitude and grace—leading to Simone’s record-shattering accomplishments in Rio.

Here is where perspective comes in. Biles’ parents saw her and discarded the Realism of her circumstances, and now Simone Biles is an Olympic champion.

In the Pregnancy Help Community, we carry this idea of Potential with us into every encounter. While we understand that some children waiting to be born are about to enter our world in extremely challenging circumstances, we choose to see each and every child as one carrying both Potential and intrinsic value.

Every one.

For this reason, when the poverty-stricken, addiction-challenged woman comes to one of our centers, we are—in the world’s eyes—blind enough to see Potential in her unborn child when, in the world’s eyes, there is none. And, we are apparently so devoid of Realism, we cannot understand that some children awaiting their births simply have no value.

We’re not perfect in the Pregnancy Help Community. I readily admit, from my human perspective sometimes I’ve seen situations where I’ve said, “What in the world awaits this little one?”

Going further, all of us in the Pregnancy Help Community must also admit that some children born through the assistance of our centers and homes grew up in poverty and could still be in poverty. Perhaps some committed crimes.

But, perspective.

Our perspective is simple: Regardless of what we see with our human eyes, it is not for our human minds to decide whether a child deserves a future.

We don’t force this view on those who come in our doors. But by loving, respecting, serving and assisting those we see, we joyfully offer this Perspective of Potential for consideration. It’s what we do.

Ours is clearly “The Simone Perspective.” As an unborn child, Simone Biles could have been seen—because of the adverse situation she would face—as just another statistic.

A number, as in “number of children born into poverty” or “number of children born into single, African-American homes,” or “number of children in foster care.” Ahhh, Realism.

The Simone Perspective is quite different. It is a view that God doesn’t see numbers, he sees people. God knows who we are before we were even born. He formed us, and whether we can “see” it or not, He does a good job, every time.

And if we don’t see the Creator in a new life waiting to be born, that’s our problem, not God’s. We are the ones who must shift perspective, not Him.

So today, all of us in the pro-life community celebrate with Simone Biles. We celebrate with her parents, her teammates and with her. Why? Because we didn’t just start believing in her this week; we would have believed in her many years ago.

If Simone Biles’ birth mother walked into a pregnancy help center years ago (perhaps she did, who knows?), someone there would have offered a faith-filled perspective on the hope of life—even when every circumstance in the world was stacked against her and her pre-born child.

Simone Biles had courage. She had faith. She had desire. She had determination. And she beat the odds.

My gentle request to those who see abortion as a “good” and Realistic answer in certain situations is this: We invite you to celebrate with us. Join us in being so proud of Simone Biles.

But in a quiet moment, honestly consider perspective.

When a child is conceived, a choice is upon us. We can choose to see only simply numbers, statistics or—in the case of the abortion industry–an opportunity for a quick profit. Or, we can choose the “Simone Perspective” and see Potential.

I choose Potential. And I humbly ask, “What would happen if we as a nation chose to always see Potential, and chose to roll up our collective sleeves to assist, encourage and support those facing challenges as they bring a child into this world?”

Somehow, I believe if we always chose Potential, we would be better off. And perhaps, stories like Simone’s would be more common than we can imagine.

Editor’s note. Kirk Walden is a senior writer with Pregnancy Help News, an Advancement Specialist with Heartbeat International and author of The Wall. This appeared at Pregnancy Help News.

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