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Fair Booths and Pro-Life Outreach

by | Aug 1, 2016

By Wisconsin Right to Life

(Pictured: Eau Claire Right to Life's fair booth)

(Pictured: Eau Claire Right to Life’s fair booth)

County fairs are staples of Wisconsin life – the animals, deep fried oreos, carnival rides, and concerts all make us go back year after year.

But have you ever noticed, nestled among the tables of county fair vendors, a table filled with little baby models and smiling people with a “Right to Life” banner behind them?

Wisconsin Right to Life’s county chapters for years have had a positive, pro-life presence at county fairs – educating their neighbors about the humanity of the unborn, the resources in the area for pregnant women, and the ways we all can help protect the most vulnerable in our society.

WIfair2With the amount of years WRTL chapters have been at county fairs, it’s great to hear some stories from folks who have run into our pro-life booths. Recently, Michele from La Crosse reached out to WRTL to let us know the impact La Crosse Right to Life’s county fair booth had on her daughter, Brinley:

“My daughter was born extremely early at 24 weeks 5 days….She had a five-month hospitalization in different NICU’s [after she was born]. She coded 7 times, was vented 2 months and had medical necrotizing enterocolitis twice.

She is now four years old and doing awesome. We took her to the county fair last night and saw the display that Wisconsin Right to Life had. She was so enamored with the tiny babies…I think it really settled into her mind that this was how tiny she was.

WIfair3Thank you for having this display up so people can see how intricately and wonderfully these babies are made.”

Isn’t it great when we get any chance to share the humanity of the unborn child, especially with kids like Brinley? If you’re going to a county fair this weekend, keep an eye out for a Wisconsin Right to Life chapter fair booth. And if you don’t see one, why not get a booth started?

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