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Today we received a gift from . . .

by | Aug 31, 2016

unborn-babythumb2With all the millions of dollars pouring into Ireland from pro-abortion mega-donors like George Soros to try to force that wonderfully pro-life nation to weaken its abortion law, you’d think Irish citizens would have enough on their hands not to worry about little unborn babies in the United States.

Not so, as I found out today.

A baby is a baby, and today I was touched to receive a donation and inspiring note from an anonymous Irish man or woman to help us save babies here.

That just makes me want to fight harder to save every baby we can, everywhere we can.

Last week, when I emailed about the Democratic party’s new platform plank explicitly calling for an end to the Hyde Amendment – the law that has prevented federal taxpayer funding of millions of abortions in the U.S. – I was grateful that many recipients of the email understood this is a very real threat.

But our emails go out world-wide, and I was truly moved by the anonymous cash donation mailed from Ireland, a land whose babies are under the most withering assault from powerful segments of the media, the government, and foreign mega-donors, many of whom are working furiously to change Ireland’s constitution and law so innocent babies can be killed.

If a pro-lifer in Ireland, while fighting off pro-abortion assaults at home with one hand, can still send a gift to save babies here in America with the other, can we not rise up here and say “No” to any new assaults on the unborn in our own nation?

While deeply grateful for every gift we received in response to our call last week, we will need much, much more to carry this fight to every corner of America. Taxpayers deserve to be protected from their dollars being used for such evil, and unborn babies deserve protection for their lives!

Your donation of $500, $100, $50 or any amount will help us stop this evil and save tens of thousands of innocent lives each year!

The battle will be long and hard, but the action of every one of us does make a difference! Please help us prevent funding of the killing of innocent unborn babies by innocent taxpayers. Thank you for anything you can do!

Carol-Tobiasredonate-button07For their lives,

Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life President

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