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Truth and reason the first casualties in justifying abortion

by | Aug 10, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

Dr. David Gend

Dr. David Gend

Read the competing opinion pieces of a member of the Rationalist Society of Australia, and the Queensland, Australia secretary of the World Federation of Doctors who Respect Human Life and you’d be hard-pressed to believe both are talking about the status of abortion and what would happen in a private member’s bill becomes law in Queensland. (Queensland is the second largest state in the commonwealth of Australia.)

Freelance writer Hugh Harris insists the state’s “abortion laws are among the most repressive in the world,” not to mention “archaic.” Dr. David Gend says “THE law on abortion in Queensland has stood the test of time,” and is a “compromise.” He writes

This peacekeeping compromise is being threatened by Member for Cairns Rob Pyne’s private member’s Bill to abolish any legal restraint on abortion. He wants an open season on babies right up to birth, like they have in [the state of] Victoria – where unborn babies older than the preemies in our hospital wards are free to be killed for any or no reason.

While Gend’s arguments are seamless, Harris’s jump all over the place. But as is so often the case, he inadvertently acknowledges just how radically he diminishes unborn life.


For instance, he insists there will be limits on how far into pregnancy a baby can be killed. Then

There is simply no method to measure the rights of a foetus at every stage in its development. No point, from conception to birth, provides an easy or agreed milestone for when a foetus becomes a person: the point at which one of our systems of human rights could be applied.

Rob Pyne

Rob Pyne

Exactly. Which is why proponents of readily available abortion quickly conclude there really IS no point at which the unborn has any rights, any juncture after which is unacceptable to rip them apart.

Also, Harris cites a forty year old book in which religious leaders made the case for abortion and concludes

Given this disagreement on what God thinks, perhaps we can take a cue from nature. Since half of pregnancies end in spontaneous natural termination and 20 per cent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage, God himself must be more permissive than Queensland law.

This from a member of the Rationalist Society? He—we—can’t distinguish between a naturally occurring loss of life and deliberately slicing apart a human being? Outside the abortion context, that’s like saying there is no difference between accidentally being run over by a bus versus someone killing a pedestrian by aiming a speeding car at her.

You get the point. In the rush to justify the killing, reason and truth are the first casualties.

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