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Unimaginable as it may seem, Cecile Richards finds fault with latest Washington Post puff piece

by | Aug 18, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

PPFA President Cecile Richards

PPFA President Cecile Richards

I know, I know I do often express bewilderment at what comes out of the mouths of the narcissistic Abortion Establishment. It’s not as if they come from Venus and the rest of us from Mars. We are so far apart it’s more like we live on Planet Earth and they reside somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy, a fer piece away [about 2.5 million light years].

We talked yesterday about a profile of PPFA President Cecile Richards that appeared in the Washington Post’s “Style” section where the Post stuffs some of their most biased, heavy-handed pieces occasionally clothed in observations about fashion.

You could not hardly have written a more flattering profile than Caitlin Gibson did if you worked for PPFA. Just enough honesty—Richards’ “public persona is almost preternaturally controlled; like the savviest politicians, she’s supremely polished, perpetually on-message and surrounded by a highly protective media operation that carefully controls reporters’ access and circles the wagons when uncomfortable situations arise”—that you couldn’t’ say Gibson was completely, absolutely, 100% in-the-tank.

Richards’ response? Just in case the Post didn’t post her letter to the editor, she posted it on something called where she whined about the story.


What could possibly have ticked Richards off about the latest in an unending series of my-isn’t-she-the-greatest stories? Gibson focused too much on Richards, thus “erasing the bold and brave leadership of the reproductive justice community.”

What does that mean?

As with any bold movement, ours is being fueled by a generation of activists and leaders — primarily women of color — who are challenging the country, and all of us, to be unapologetic champions for the rights of all people to access abortion.

In other words, the ever-humble and modest Richards was given too much credit for her “boldness” (which was part of the Post headline) while others (the little people) were ignored.

Put another way, it would have helped if Richards had a chance to prescreen Gibson’s story so it was told just right. That way nobody’s feelings would get hurt in the larger pro-abortion community.

Richards, in her righteous anger, manages to overlook that never in 10,000 years would NRLC President Carol Tobias ever receive the virtually uncritical coverage that routinely crops up in places like the Post.

These people are shameless.

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