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BPAS stunt slammed as exploiting women, not helping them

by | Sep 2, 2016

bpas-logoThe Life Institute of Ireland says that BPAS, the British abortion agency, would be better served helping women to have their babies than spending money on trying to interfere in Ireland’s laws on abortion.

Spokeswoman Niamh Ui Bhriain made her comments as BPAS announced that they were launching a phone line service for women who had concerns after taking the abortion pill–a pill provided by an other campaigner illegally in Ireland.

The Life Institute spokeswoman described the BPAS announcement as a “stunt designed to promote abortion rather than a genuine effort to help women.” Ui Bhriain said that leading medical experts had made it clear that abortion campaigners were putting women’s lives at risk by providing the abortion pill unsupervised, and that BPAS should be asking its fellow campaigners to desist from these dangerous actions.

“Clearly, if BPAS was actually concerned here they would ask WHW and WOW, their partners in crime here, to stop their actions,” she said. “Instead they want to provide a phone line to advise women who are in need of help precisely because they have taken an illegal abortion pill. Maybe they would consider putting this time and money into actually helping women, who are all too-often seeking abortion in fear and panic, have their babies and raise their babies,” she said.

Ui Bhriain continued, “Yesterday, the British media was reporting the shocking news that the number of abortions taking place in Britain because the baby had a cleft palate has trebled. This is where BPAS wants Ireland to go, and frankly they should keep their nose out of Irish affairs and be challenged on the appalling number of abortions that are taking place in Britain, where they make millions from exploiting women and killing babies.”

Editor’s note. This comes from the Irish pro-life organization Life Institute.

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