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From infancy to old age as displayed in a gorgeous 4-minute video

by | Sep 2, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

livepaintingWomanslife001As we have observed dozens and dozens of times, arguably the best way to reach the undecided is to show them the marvelous complexity of the unborn child through her developmental journey. Reveal how what you see at fertilization is not only the same baby you will hold in your hands nine months later but also the same human being as she approaches the end of a long life.

(For me, I am still trying to find the video I saw decades ago that went from a very old person who “aged” in reverse, back to the union of ovum and sperm.)

The Daily Mail, bless its institutional heart, ran a piece today about the Korean artist and illustrator Seok Jeong Hyeon (better known as Stonehouse) which linked to a time-lapse video that traced a woman’s life from infancy to very old age, then finished by flashing back to the drawing of a infant.

There are no words—none are needed–only gentle background music. Your eyes are riveted to this very brief (four minutes) tour of one person’s life.

Subtlety is the hallmark of this tour de force. The slightest changes, accumulating over time…

(I couldn’t help thinking of our grandson. When he was not quite ten months old…well, I recall that he was almost unrecognizable from the baby we’d toted around just three months ago.)

Back to the video. At the end, we see the proud grandmotherly figure, her eyes closed, her hands clasped as if in prayer. Then an abrupt reversal and we are transported back in time to this same woman when she was an infant, eyes closed, left hand almost posed under chin.

Take five minutes and go to

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