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Gloria Steinem and PPFA: Two peas in a pod

by | Sep 19, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

gloriasteinemPPLast Thursday, Planned Parenthood of Memphis, in the midst of celebrating 75 years of vacuuming out babies and tearing tiny heads off of little torsos, announced a $12M fundraising campaign goal. According to Jody Callahan of The Commercial Appeal, “So far, $9.8 million of that total has already been raised in gifts and pledges.”

Obviously I can’t know, but I wonder how much of that came in anticipation of the keynote speaker: Gloria Steinem, founder of Ms. Magazine, and all-purpose pro-abortion scold. (As for the dinner itself, Callahan explained, “The announcement [of the fundraising campaign] was made at the 2016 James Award celebration at the Hilton Memphis, which featured about 600 people at $275 a head.”)

Reading Steinem’s quotes in Callahan’s column was reminiscent of listening to a 1970s-era vinyl record when the needle got stuck in a grove. Over and over again, the same-old, same-old, same-old (did I mention old?) mantra so dated it was almost painful.

“Nothing but nothing is more important than ensuring our fundamental right to reproductive freedom,” she said, beginning her talk. “The principle that government power stops at our skin.” …

Then “While praising Planned Parenthood’s mission,” Callahan tells us, Steinem throws in everything but the kitchen sink — feminism, racism, “and even global warming.”

Here are the relevant quotations:

“It is true in this country that race and sex are intertwined,” she said. “It is not possible to be a feminist without also being anti-racist.” …

“What could be more clear about the brutality of controlling women’s bodies as the means of reproduction?” Steinem said. ..

But all of it circled back to the same cause: women’s rights, particularly reproductive freedoms.

“I am here to say to you that there is no cause on earth more important,” she said.

Three quick thoughts. One, if you do not subscribe to the ideology of [pro-abortion] feminists, is Steinem not saying you are a racist? This at a fundraiser for an affiliate of an organization started by that noted egalitarian Margaret Sanger.

Two, ask yourself, what does “What could be more clear about the brutality of controlling women’s bodies as the means of reproduction?” possibly mean? Some half-baked riff on 1960s-era Marxist gibberish?

Three, I would have loved to hear her sidle over from abortion-on-demand to global warming. Presumably, she was regurgitating a variation of people are a plague on the earth and how abortion can help “rid” us of the surplus population.

No cause on earth is “more important” than slicing and dicing your hapless unborn child? And to think Steinem got paid for a speech that would have been original (if equally mistaken) 40 years ago.

Back to the future anyone?

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