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Latest digital edition of National Right to Life News available now

by | Sep 21, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

frontcoversept2016It took an all-out effort by a number of people but early this morning we posted online the latest digital edition of National Right to Life News, the “pro-life newspaper of record.”

Pressed between “Want to Elect a Pro-Life President? Here’s what NOT to do” and “Eugenics–has Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing for Down Syndrome brought us full-circle?” are 26 stories, two editorials, and Carol Tobias’ President’s column. I truly hope you enjoy reading them half as much I did assembling them.

With the elections less than seven weeks away, there is a heavy emphasis on what is at stake November 8. Some of the keenest minds in the Movement share their insights, inspiration, and counsel as the nation comes ever closer to choosing between pro-life Donald Trump and pro-abortion Hillary Clinton.

Readers will also be touched by many stories of grace under pressure, including the miraculous (times three) births of Cadence and Jaxson Moore. In addition, among my favorites, is an account of a woman who almost lost her unborn baby–a baby she had wondered if she should bring into a troubled marriage–who then was amazed and overjoyed when her little one survived what everyone thought was a miscarriage.

Jennifer Popik, of the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics, has written two stories–one about a push to legalize assisted suicide in Colorado and a move by some to try to persuade the AMA to take a “neutral” stance on assisted suicide.

This is just a taste of a great issue. I will be writing more about the latest digital NRL News over the next two days.

Please, go to, read the great material enclosed, and share it with your pro-life friends and family.

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