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More than 7,500 march for life in Berlin, Germany

by | Sep 20, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

Credit: Rudolf Gehrig/EWTN

Credit: Rudolf Gehrig/EWTN

The streets of Berlin were filled Saturday with joyful pro-life marchers carrying placards supporting the right to life from conception to natural death.

“The 12th March for Life in Berlin was a fantastic success and an impressive testimony for life!” said Martin Lohmann, chairman of the Federal Association for the Right to Life. “I thank the more than 7,500 participants from all over Germany and the five bishops who walked with us, as well as the countless helpers and the police who protected us so well.”

According to Jan Bentz ,“The 12th March for Life ran along the central streets of Berlin from the Reichstag building to the Hedwigskathedrale (St. Hedwig’s Cathedral), which welcomed all participants for an ecumenical prayer service.”

Bentz explained

The March was organized by the BVL, uniting 13 pro-life groups in Germany. It is the continuation and succession of the so-called “1,000 crosses march,” a silent protest in which people carry 1,000 white crosses in remembrance of 1,000 children aborted every day in Germany.

Instead of crosses, participants tied white carnations to the barriers that hemmed the route of the demonstration. The march has taken place annually since 2008, with progressively growing numbers of participants. With more than 7,500 this year, the march had a greater turnout than ever before.

The five bishops who marched were Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer of Regensburg, Berlin’s Archbishop Heiner Koch, and Auxiliary Bishops Matthias Heinrich of Berlin, Dominikus Schwaderlapp of Cologne, and Florian Wörner of Augsburg.

Archbishop Koch called on the demonstrators to strive to ensure “that every human being can develop well, from their first moment in the womb to their final breath.”

Lohmann told media representatives: “Our movement for life is growing – and that is a good thing!”

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