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Why “Safe, Legal and Rare” is passé to Hillary Clinton

by | Sep 1, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion Hillary Clinton

Pro-abortion Hillary Clinton

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Granted, the pace may be glacial, but ever, ever so slowly the Mainstream Media is acknowledging that “this ain’t your grandmother’s Democratic Party.”

I don’t mean a nod to the super-obvious: the party has raced Left. That is embraced by most journalists, so long as Hillary Clinton does not scare off the electorate which, as always, is center-right.

What I do mean is a vague acknowledgment that Clinton’s mind is soaked in abortion extremism. Put another way, it’s as if all the zaniest pro-abortion initiatives were dishes on a Lazy Susan. They are all so good (in a twisted pro-abortion sense) that Clinton cannot pass up even one.

Abortion for any reason or no reason, as late in pregnancy as desired, paid for by the public. And that’s just the start.

Clinton is a rock star in the International Abortion Community. Her commitment to making abortion an internationally recognized “right” is as long-standing as it is unyielding.

While the media, which is bent on electing Clinton President, will never put all the pieces together, parts of it is working its way into some of the coverage. For example, that the old Bill and Hillary Clinton mantra–abortion “safe, legal and rare–is (to borrow a phrase from Hillary Clinton’s youth) inoperative.

Why is the phrase so repugnant to today’s abortion militants and, indeed, even to the pro-abortion fellow traveler? Simply because the wording, the tone–the connotations and the denotations–suggest abortion is not something to be undertaken casually. That is, the fewer the better.

Not so any more, not to Clinton or the Sisterhood of Death of which she is a charter member.

Abortion has been transmogrified from an action undertaken “in sorrow and regret” to a (twisted) life-affirming action, one to be embraced rather than kept to a minimum.

Indeed, they turn death inside out. We are constantly being told that having aborted a kid (or two), women like NARAL’s ILYSE Hogue are better mothers.

Abortion is to be understood as a rite of passage, like going to college, and every bit as positive. To the anti-life set, ripping a baby apart is a kind of demented baptism. Having slaughtered her own child, the woman emerges from the abortion clinic a new creature.


Which is why they so zealously embrace Do-It-Yourself chemical abortions: empowerment. No third party necessary. Just you, your kid (“product of conception”), and your RU-486 chemical cocktail.

Clinton and NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood are counting on a kind of collective nonchalance where no matter how barbaric their behavior or how inhumane their attitudes, people will say, “Whatever.”

It’s up to you and I to make sure that could never, ever come to pass.

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