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Baby Shane a powerful new video about ‘the bucket list baby’ on his second anniversary

by | Oct 17, 2016

Editor’s note. The following comes from our Irish friends at Life Institute.

BabyShane41This past week marked the second anniversary of the birth of Shane Haley who, in his short life, had an enormous impact on the world and touched the hearts of people all across the globe. In honor of Shane’s birthday, Every Life Counts, a support group for families of babies with severe life limiting conditions, released a beautiful new video about Shane, his parents Jenna and Dan, and their remarkable journey.

When Jenna and Dan discovered that their unborn baby had anencephaly and would not likely live long after birth, they were, naturally, heartbroken. However, the couple made the decision to make the most of their situation and decided that, if their beloved son wouldn’t live after birth, they would make as many memories with Shane as they could while he was still in the womb.

What resulted was their “bucket list” for Shane, which was a list of activities they wanted to share with their son while he was in the womb. The family travelled to New York city, to baseball games, to the beach together, among other places. Through posting about their family adventures on Facebooks, the Haley’s attracted the attention of the public and the media resulting in their story going viral worldwide.

Though Shane only lived for a few hours, he touched the hearts of millions across the world and now his mother and father are continuing to touch hearts as they carry on Shane’s memory and speak on behalf of families whose babies are diagnosed with life limiting conditions.

Check out their beautiful, powerful testimony and this unique remembrance of Shane here

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