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In case anyone should ask…..

by | Oct 18, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

PPHillaryClintonPAC4There will be one more digital edition of National Right to Life News that will be sent out the first week of November. But as I write this, there are three weeks until the United States elects its 44th President, it’s important that we do enough over the next 21 days that we are able to answer the following in a way that would make us (and our children) proud.

In case anyone should ask, are you ready to vote? Do you know who the pro-life candidates are? Did you encourage your pro-life family and friends to vote for those pro-life candidates, whether for President, Senate, or House of Representatives?

In case anyone should ask, did you help National Right to Life’s PAC or the NRL Victory Fund? Historically, no one has done more with less to help pro-life candidates than NRL PAC and the NRL Victory Fund.

In case anyone should ask, did you share the truth about Hillary Clinton’s never-enough position on abortion? Did you lay out, chapter and verse, her long, long history of passionate abortion advocacy, a commitment to exponentially increasing the number of aborted babies overseas and to frisking your pockets for tax money to pay for slaughtering the innocents, both at home and abroad?

In case anyone should ask, did you contrast Donald Trump’s position on the fate of the little ones with Hillary Clinton’s? Did you make it crystal clear that while he is committed to protecting the life-saving Hyde Amendment, Clinton would eliminate a policy that has stood for 40 years? That he would nominate pro-life candidates to the Supreme Court while Clinton‘s litmus test is 100% support for Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision whose tsunami like impact has resulted in the deaths of nearly 60 million unborn babies?

In case anyone should ask, yes, you can document how militantly pro-abortion Clinton is. In addition to the above, while a U.S. senator she opposed the ban on partial-birth abortions. For those new to the Movement or new to the issue, partial-birth abortions are usually performed in the fifth and sixth months of pregnancy and so grotesque even hard-core pro-abortionists blanch. But not Hillary Clinton.

Before the ban was enacted, signed into law by President George W. Bush, and upheld by the Supreme Court, thousands of times a year, an abortionist deliberately delivered, feet first, a premature, healthy infant until only the baby’s head remains lodged just inside the mother’s womb. Then he punctured the base of the baby’s skull with 7-inch surgical scissors and suctions out the brain.

Hillary Clinton can live with that. Huge, highly developed babies can not.

And as if to prove her support for partial-birth abortions was no fluke, Clinton opposes the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. The bill accomplishes what the title suggests: it protects unborn babies who are capable of experiencing excruciating pain when they are aborted beginning at 20 weeks after fertilization, which is 22 “weeks of pregnancy,” or about the beginning of the sixth month, a point by which – if not earlier – there is substantial medical evidence that the unborn child can feel pain.  Public opinion polls show that by lopsided margins, Americans support prohibiting abortion at least by this stage in development, with most polls showing women even more supportive than men.

But not Hillary Clinton.

In case anyone should ask, you are working as hard as you are because you know the stakes: the future for decades to come of the Supreme Court; the Hyde Amendment whom only a radical like Clinton would target for extinction; the abortion-enhancing, and rationing-inducing, ObamaCare; and the countless appointees who will make policy–for good or for evil–behind the scenes.

In case anyone should ask, having tried with everything at your disposal to help the babies and their mothers, you will quote Mother Teresa who once said, “God doesn’t require us to succeed, he only requires that you try.”

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