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Man sentenced to 10 years for stomping on pregnant rape victim’s belly causing an abortion

by | Oct 13, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

assaultperpsOn Tuesday 28-year-old Lonnell McDonald was sentenced to 10 years in prison for aggravated assault, but is still facing a pending charge for conspiracy to commit capital murder in a beating of an eight-month-pregnant teenager so vicious as almost to defy description.

As NRL News Today reported last year, the unidentified victim was 14 years old in 2012 when she was raped by her older brother. When the relatives found out she was pregnant, “they got nervous because they didn’t want Child Protective Services removing their children,” as The Dallas Morning News described it.

What ensued was almost beyond belief. After emergency contraception pills did not induce an abortion, Lonnell McDonald, along with 27-year-old Cecilia McDonald, 28-year-old Cedric Jones (both cousins of the victim) and 46-year-old Sharon Jones (an aunt) took turns brutalizing the hapless victim. Lonnell McDonald bounced and stomped on her pregnant belly while Cedric Jones repeatedly kicked and punched the girl, according to police.

A few hours later, the girl miscarried. She never received medical attention.

The affidavit also states the suspects tried to dispose of the baby’s body on a charcoal grill,” according to Fox News. “When that didn’t work, Sharon Jones paid Cedric Jones $25 to stash them in an unknown location.”

After police got involved, Child Protective Services removed seven children from the home. Now 17 years old, the victim reportedly lives with a foster family.

Also charged with conspiracy to commit capital murder are Cecila McDonald, 27, Cedric Jones Jr., 28, and Sharon Jones, 46.

Robert Cayald, 23, the victim’s brother, faces a sexual assault charge in the case.

At the trial, the victim’s younger sister, who received immunity, admitted holding her sister down, out of fear of her aunt Sharon Jones.

“The sister, who was 12 at the time of the alleged assault, testified earlier Wednesday that there was blood ‘all over’ the bathroom, and she had to bathe her sister because she was going in and out of consciousness,” according to Dallas News reporter Caleb Downs.

Downs added

The events surrounding the girl’s miscarriage placed her in severe risk of postpartum hemorrhage and could have killed her, said Matthew Cox, the doctor who examined the teen victim two years after the alleged assault — allegedly carried out by her extended family.

“All aspects of her description of giving birth were very abnormal,” the doctor testified.

Cox, who formerly practiced at Children’s Medical Center, said the victim came for an examination two years after the March 2013 assault because she was worried she wouldn’t be able to have children later in life.

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