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National Right to Life speaks to students from London

by | Oct 20, 2016

By National Right to Life

englishstudents3reOn October 19, National Right to Life Political Director Karen Cross spoke to 20 students from London’s St. Benedict’s School.

Mike Joyce, head of politics at St. Benedict’s, said he wanted to introduce his students to “people and organizations directly involved in the U.S. political process so as to expose them to some of the reality of policy-making to complement their theoretical studies back in the classroom.”

In their back and forth with Cross, the students learned about abortion in the United States, in addition to getting an overview of the political and legislative aspect of the right to life movement.

The students asked many questions and seemed particularly intrigued with the political process in the United States, and how the pro-life movement influences that process.

“They left with a better understanding of the impact of abortion on women and babies,” Cross said, “and the necessity to elect pro-life legislators in order to pass protective pro-life legislation.”

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