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Teenager uses music to share the Pro-Life message

by | Oct 14, 2016

By Texas Right to Life

Noah Hinshaw

Noah Hinshaw

When Noah Hinshaw’s mom was pregnant, doctors told her that her son would be “abnormal.” She was pressured by doctors to end Noah’s Life by abortion, but she refused. “Thankfully, my parents knew that God had a plan for my life, and they trusted Him.” They continued the pregnancy despite the advice of the doctors. When Noah was born, he lacked the abnormalities doctors warned he would have.

Noah developed a relationship with God at a very young age, and he is on a mission to share the message of LIFE with communities across the nation. Noah shares his message of faith and Life primarily through the ministries of music and preaching. And Noah doesn’t worry about his message being unpopular. We spoke to Noah about his inspiration for writing this song. “By pushing political correctness to the side, I stand for all the issues that are important to me,” Noah shared. “God didn’t call me to be an entertainer, He called me to be a minister proclaiming His word through my music.” And Noah fulfilled that aspiration with a song entitled, “The Right to Life.”

Noah says that good things happen wherever he sings this song. “My goal is to use my music as a platform to spread God’s Word.” The lyrics to Noah’s song capture his own personal story; more importantly, they give voice to the millions of preborn children at risk of being aborted in a culture that undervalues Life.

Why don’t you want me, why can’t you hear me, why won’t you have me, I’m begging you. Can you please give me just a chance, don’t end my life before I take my first breath.

This is the cry of a million voiceless lives, how long must we sit and watch them die?

Let’s stand and fight for the right to life, the right to enter this world to leave only in God’s time. Let’s stand and shout for the unheard voice, the unseen life to be lived that is ended without a choice. Let’s take a stand for the helpless hands, the ones who are cast to the side let’s stand and fight, for the right to life.

Is there a chance, you might change your mind, I’ll do anything to convince you I’m worth bringing into this life. If Jesus loves me why can’t you? I’m begging you to tell me is there something that I can do.

Noah thoughtfully shared with us that his song is not meant to “condemn anyone who has made a mistake in their past, but to tell mothers everywhere that their child is worth fighting for, and to encourage people to let their voice be heard about this horrible issue we are faced with.” Noah believes that everyone has a place in the Pro-Life movement; they simply have to use the talents God has given them.

“You don’t have to be a singer, speaker, or anything like that,” Noah says. “God has given all of us some type of talent. Some have the talent of making money – they could support Pro-Life groups. Some have the talent of leading, or showing love and comfort, and the list goes on. People can take a stand right where they are by letting their voice be heard in their community.”

We can’t wait to hear more from this talented and wise young Pro-Lifer. To learn more about Noah, visit his website,

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