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Why would, how could, anyone defend Planned Parenthood?

by | Oct 6, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

ppfaabortionOn October 16, Planned Parenthood, the brain child of eugenicist Margaret Sanger, will celebrate its 100th anniversary. As the day draws nearer, we will hear and read much about how wonderful PPFA is, how “selfless.”

We know that couldn’t be further from the truth, but it’s good to remind ourselves about the facts.

First, Planned Parenthood performs abortions. LOTS of them. In its last corporate report [1], Planned Parenthood took credit for performing 323,999 abortions. The year before it was 327,633. The year before that 333,964. The year before that….well, you get the picture.

Planned Parenthood is easily the country’s biggest abortion chain, responsible for almost a third of all abortions performed in the U.S. every year. They’re HUGE. In the last 25 years, they’ve killed upwards of six million babies.

Planned Parenthood makes millions from their abortion business.

Wonder why Planned Parenthood doesn’t just get out of the abortion business and concentrate on birth control and cancer screenings? A big reason is money. At a minimum, at going rates for simple surgical first-trimester abortions, Planned Parenthood would have raked in $146 million from abortion in 2014 alone.

We know from those Planned Parenthood videos that they perform and profit from considerably more expensive late abortions, meaning that figure is probably way too low.

Planned Parenthood has also received billions of dollars from the government. It’s bad enough that Planned Parenthood kills hundreds of thousands of babies a year and pockets the cash from it but that they have the taxpayers kick in a half a billion dollars every year to help fund their operation is disgusting.

Forty-three percent of their annual $1.3 BILLION budget from our pockets!

Planned Parenthood maintains its abortion business while letting cancer screenings slide.

How strong is Planned Parenthood’s commitment to “women’s health?” For the past several years, while abortion was decreasing nationally, abortion at Planned Parenthood was staying at record levels (over 300,000 a year since 2007) even as the overall number of abortions, thankfully, decreased.

At the same time, according to their own annual reports, cancer screenings Planned Parenthood’s political supporters like to talk about have fallen dramatically by nearly two thirds, from 1,830,811 in 2009 to just 682,208 in 2014.


Breast exams & breast care fell by more than half, from 830,312 to 363,803 in that same time frame. And remember: Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms, despite popular myth.

Planned Parenthood is obviously concentrating its energies and its resources on what it considers its priorities.

Planned Parenthood spends millions to elect their favorite politicians.

Planned Parenthood is much more than just a “health care provider.” In the last presidential election, Planned Parenthood political arm spent at least $11 MILLION to re-elect President Obama and other Democrat politicians. Its political arm boasts it will spend two to three times that amount to elect their candidate, Hillary Clinton, in 2016.

Planned Parenthood still defends harvesting baby parts.

Caught red-handed haggling over prices for harvesting baby parts [2], Planned Parenthood has assured the public that it would no longer accept payment for the fetal tissue it harvests from babies it aborts. Notably, it did not say that it would stop harvesting the tissue, only that it would no longer accept reimbursement for its efforts. As the New York Times reported in October 2015, Planned Parenthood said it would continue to provide fetal tissue (that is, baby’s eyes, livers, hearts, etc.) for research.

Why would anyone defend Planned Parenthood?

Given that Planned Parenthood not only performs abortions, but hundreds of thousands of abortions a year, is the nation’s largest abortion chain, and is abortion’s biggest promoter and defender, why would anyone defend them? Maybe they don’t see anything wrong with a group doing a pregnancy test in one room while taking the life of a child down the hall.

But a few “good deeds” can’t balance out killing hundreds of thousands of unborn babies each and every year. For most people it’s not ok to kill kids so long as you have a good marketing program, powerful political connections, or do a few “cancer screenings” that most can get from a local community center which isn’t tainted with the blood of the abortion industry.

[1] Planned Parenthood’s 2014-2015 Annual Report:‐2015_PPFA_Annual_Report_.pdf. “Planned Parenthood 2013-2014 Annual Report: Pro-Abortion, Prosperous, and Proud,” Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D., National Right to Life News Today, January 7, 2015

[2] The Center for Medical Progress, Transcript of Video with Dr. Deborah Nucatola, July 25, 2014. (

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