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Faced with another devastating defeat, pro-abortion Democrats will only dig a deeper hole

by | Nov 11, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

As we end the week, NRL News Today continues our post-mortem on Tuesday’s tremendously successful Election Night by quoting this headline and opening paragraph from a piece in Vanity Fair that ran October 24:

Trump Is Tanking—and Obama Wants to Take the G.O.P. Down With Him

With Clinton on a glide path to the presidency, Democrats are trying to take over Congress by tying vulnerable Republicans to Trump.

By Abigail Tracy

As Donald Trump lurches toward defeat, cocky Democrats are turning their attention to Congress. With Hillary Clinton enjoying a double-digit lead over her billionaire rival in multiple national polls and several traditionally deep-red states up for grabs, Democratic leaders are looking for ways to run up the score by tying vulnerable Republican candidates to their divisive presidential nominee in a last-minute push to retake control of the legislative branch. And President Barack Obama, fresh off a new Gallup poll showing him with a soaring second-term approval rating, is emerging as one of Clinton’s most powerful secret weapons.

Pro-life President-elect Donald Trump

Pro-life President-elect Donald Trump

Well, if you’ve read any of the hundreds of stories about depressed/outraged/furious/in-denial Democrats, the one word you haven’t read since last Tuesday is cocky. All of a sudden those “double digit” leads are exposed for the phantoms that they were.

As for President Obama, only those determined to overlook the obvious could miss that while his personal popularity has moved up, his polices, most especially ObamaCare, are a disaster which operated like an anchor around the ankles of Democrats already sinking.

Kirsten Powers is a name many readers are probably familiar with. A Democrat, she nonetheless sees what the party’s powers-that-be are blind to: the yawning cultural gap that separates the Obamas and the Clintons from those people Clinton famously called “deplorables.”

Her latest USA Today op-ed is titled “Trumping the liberal media: ‘Cracker Barrel’ Americans find their cultural champion in a Manhattan billionaire.”

To be clear Powers has little-to-no use for Trump. But she keenly understands why there was and is an unaccounted for Trump vote that polls weren’t catching: many had been browbeaten into silence.

Last Tuesday the liberal, pro-abortion chicken–“The concept of persuasion and debate has been overridden by a quest for immediate and forced cultural conformity”—came home to roost–arguably the biggest presidential upset in American history. Here’s how Powers ends her column:

We really are two Americas. But it wasn’t always so. Dave Wasserman of The Cook Political Report points out that Donald Trump won 76% of counties with a Cracker Barrel but only 22% of counties with a Whole Foods, a 54-point gap. Yet in 1992, when Bill Clinton won the presidency, the gap between those same counties was only 19 points.

There is a sense among many “Cracker Barrel” Americans that they are not only expected to accept rapid cultural changes, but they are obliged to never even express a reservation or ask for more time to adjust. The choice is full-throated embrace or nothing.

They wanted someone to stand athwart history and yell stop. Donald Trump was that man. So they made him president.

From my perspective, this cultural clash can be exaggerated. For example, 43% percent of people with college degrees backed Trump. Trump won 53% of white women (those with and those without a college degree).

But it is also true that the Democratic Party is the extension of the Abortion Industry and Hollywood (almost uniformly pro-abortion). Planned Parenthood and NARAL and an assortment of celebrities will insist the “solution” to Hillary Clinton’s defeat is not to rethink, but to dig a deeper hole.

Even more abortion, later in pregnancy, paid for by you and me and exported to the rest of the world. If you have religious objections you are by definition a woman-hater. Never mind that women have always been more pro-life than men. Never mind respect for religious freedom.

Two final thoughts. First, there will be various pseudo-assurances by Democrats that they will reexamine their alienation from Middle America. I don’t believe that for 30 seconds—and even if I did, that could never, ever include revisiting their militant posture on abortion.

Cecile Richards and the Democrat Party are like two peas in a pod.

Second, nothing Donald Trump could ever do would deaccelerate the campaign by Democrats to delegitimize his presidency before it even begins. The electorate “owed” Clinton the presidency (just ask Bill Clinton) and Trump is an interloper.

Talking about living in an alternate universe…

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