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Faced with the crushing defeats of their pro-abortion Democratic allies, Media Establishment desperately attempts to right the ship

by | Nov 15, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

changeindems4Reading the high profile media powerhouses which is the Washington Post, is to marvel at a publication at war with itself.

The Post threw everything, including two kitchen sinks, at Donald Trump in an attack so hysterical it bordered on paranoid. Now, with a pro-lifer about to occupy the White House, the Post is simultaneously continuing to add brushstrokes to its portrait of a loose cannon out of control while being forced to add somber reminders that the Democratic Party is at a near-historic low point.

I will say only this about the Post’s unceasing, below-the- belt attacks on President-elect Trump. They were invested in electing pro-abortion Hillary Clinton. They are even more invested in poisoning the well before Mr. Trump even assumes office.

The viciousness will know no boundaries. To borrow from Jazz Shaw, the editorial board and the news rooms are now settled into “a seething miasma of regret, remorse, anger and paranoia.”

To be fair, there is some minimal admission on the Post’s part that Democrats are, organizationally, at a crucial point.

A pro-abortion, genuinely hard-core leftist is the favorite to become the new chair of the Democratic Party. We’re told there is pressure to add pro-abortion Independent Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders to the Senate leadership structure. House Democrats have postponed until after Thanksgiving voting on another term for pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi (Ca.) as House Minority Leader.

A party that has already lost its way is now determined to separate itself even further from the mainstream of American politics. It is amazing to behold, a kind of political hari-kari.

But in addition to telling its readers that the incoming Trump Administration is awful beyond words, the Post is also acknowledging Barack Obama’s “legacy”: he has destroyed his party.

He is popular, his policies most decidedly are not, and that has cost Democrats at every level of government, as the graph below illustrates.

One summary put it this way:

-11 seats in Senate

-60 seats in House

-14 governorships

-900 state legislative seats

To quote, “Obama leaves office as a personally popular president, but leaves behind the wreckage of the party that gave him entrée to the office. That was a slow-motion trainwreck, not a sudden overwhelming wave.”

Which is all the more reason, is it not, for the Washington Post and the New York Times, et al. to unmercifully attack Donald Trump.

What else do they have to write about?

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