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Looking forward to January 21, 2017 with enormous anticipation

by | Nov 14, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-life President-elect Donald Trump

Pro-life President-elect Donald Trump

When the headline to the story written by the Associated Press’s David Crary and Rachel Zoll announces, “Trump Win Resets Culture War Debate on Abortion,” we could expect another Doomsday story from the reliably pro-abortion AP. And we’d be right.

“For the combatants in America’s long-running culture wars, the triumph of Donald Trump and congressional Republicans was stunning — sparking elation on one side, deep dismay on the other.”

Had the results been reversed, so, too, would have been the responses by pro- and anti-life forces. And that is why NRL News and NRL News Today wrote literally hundreds of posts over the last year, driving home this simple but critically important message: Donald Trump is solidly pro-life, Hillary Clinton is a pro-abortion extremist.

Last week Planned Parenthood admitted that abortion was there for the electorate to vote on November 8. In response to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s question, ”Do you think that Roe v. Wade is at risk?,” PPFA President Cecile Richards responded, “Absolutely.”

“I mean, I think Roe vs. Wade was on the ballot in this election.”

That it was.


And the pro-life side–the defenders of unborn babies–won.

As we move forward with everything that a change from a pro-abortion to a pro-life administration means, we need to remember that for many pro-lifers of faith, an added incentive to vote against Clinton and for Trump was their faith that Trump would end the assault on religious liberties President Obama began and which, if anything, a President Hillary Clinton would have ramped up.

There is the onerous HHS mandate adopted under a provision of ObamaCare which compels employers to provide health coverage for drugs and procedures to which they have moral or religious objections. There have been narrow exceptions subsequently enacted, but the onus is still on many businesses and individuals to violate their consciences.

Much to be done. I cannot wait for January 21, 2017. Or for January 27, when hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers will assemble in our nation’s capital to celebrate a historic victory.

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