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Massive drive for almost 5 million contacts!

by | Nov 5, 2016

unborn-babythumb2In these last days before the election, National Right to Life is pushing hard to reach an impressive goal:

Almost 5 million voter contacts in the final week!

We set a goal to make 4.6 million voter contacts on behalf of the unborn in these last few days. Citizens deserve to know where the candidates stand on life – which candidates say they will defend unborn children, and which will vote to let them die.

We’ve already mailed in key states and districts across the country, and run radio ads nationwide. These final 4.6 million voter contacts are on top of the vital outreach we’ve already done!

But we still need help to be able to make all of those contacts. For example, a gift of $100 will let us make 2,500 get-out-the-vote phone calls. $1,000 will let us make 25,000! We don’t have all the funds we need to make all 4.6 million contacts yet, but we are counting prayerfully on people like you to help us succeed!

And if we get enough support in the next couple of days, we could even add more contacts, perhaps topping the 5 million mark and making an even bigger difference for Life!

Please help immediately by donating at or by calling 202-626-8813 to donate by phone. This project is so critically important to the lives of the unborn that our office will be accepting calls at any hour, day or night, including over the weekend, and until election day.

Elections determine who makes policy for the unborn – essentially saviors of innocent unborn children or those who would let them be killed. For them, everything is at stake!

Thank you for anything you can do!

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