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Takeaways from last night’s media coverage of Donald Trump’s historic victory

by | Nov 9, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

Fox News's Bill Hemmer (right) and Bret Baier

Fox News’s Bill Hemmer (right) and Bret Baier

My wife had to be up by 6 this morning, so when she finally went to bed at 1 o’clock EST, the election looked good for pro-life Donald Trump but not secure.

When I went to bed at 4, I was able to give Lisa her first birthday present: Donald Trump had not only confounded (and angered) the media elite by defeating pro-abortion Hillary Clinton, Republicans also retained control of the House and Senate, meaning congressional leadership remains in pro-life hands.

What follows are my impressions from last night’s historic results, supplemented by what I heard on the radio as I drove in early this morning.

  • Kellyann Conway , Trump’s veteran pro-life campaign manager, calls them those “silly exit polls.” Even Fox News drank the Kool-Aid–the Democrats’ spin that the early exit poll results proved they had enlisted/signed up/ registered so many new Hispanic voters in Florida, it was inevitable Trump would lose that “must win” state. In a word he was toast. To switch metaphors, the gloomy Fox News crew swallowed into hook, line, and sinker. Trump won 49% to 48%. Pro-life champion Sen. Marco Rubio won a second term, piling up 56% of the vote.

And, by the way, now Conway is getting credit for her masterful job. After she was chosen in August, that she was the first woman to manage a presidential campaign occasionally was mentioned only in passing. The only “first” as it related to women was the “certainty” that Clinton would be our first female President.

  • President-elect Donald Trump’s speech to his supporters was gracious, articulate, and inclusive. He gave no fodder (not that the Trump haters needed any) to back up the absurdly vicious characterizations that permeated coverage.
  • I’ve watched election-related events since the 1960 Kennedy /Nixon debates. But I have never seen anything quite as odd as Clinton’s campaign manager coming out at 2 in the morning to tell supporters there were still votes to count, advise them t o go home, and end by saying they would have more to say in the morning. 40 minutes or so later we learned that Clinton had just called Trump to concede!
  • Fairly early in the night (to be honest, I’m so tired I can’t be no more specific), Fox News’s Chris Wallace offered the counter-intuitive idea (that is, an unapproved media narrative) that Trump could actually become President.

What?! Aside from places such as NRL News Today and various conservative sites, it was gospel that, if she wasn’t already, Clinton should be picking out drapes for the Oval Office.

The Clinton folks were so confident that around 9 o’clock last night, pro-abortion VP Tim Kaine sent out this tweet: “Thinking about my daughter right now. No little girl will ever again have to wonder whether she, too, can be president.”

  • Political reporters resemble nothing so much as sports reporters. They will say “x” ad infinitum, then switch to “anti-X” often barely pausing to breathe and with barely an acknowledgement that everything they’d previously said is no longer operative. But when you are as spectacularly wrong as the commentariat was, they had to allow reality to peek in, however momentarily. To wit
  • As I scanned the cable network and network channels last night, it was dawning on them that, golly, we must have missed something–something that anyone who is not part of the media elite could have told them. This was a change election that pitted a genuine outsider against a woman who was the very embodiment of the political establishment.

Combine that with the Clintons’ insatiable appetite for corruption, and all the gazillion dollars the Clinton machine spent and all the double gazillion dollars worth of slavishly helpful media coverage it still and couldn’t bail her out.

  • It really did resemble anthropologists talking about a species they’d just discovered, one that time forgot–Middle America. A few were reluctantly beginning to understand why the media is doubly hated: they are part and parcel of the Establishment and they were blatantly, unashamedly hostile to Trump. Speaking of which
  • When Bill Clinton was President, critics quite fairly dubbed CNN the “Clinton News Network.” They were even more in the tank for Hillary Clinton, never more on display than last night.

The sand in the hourglass had almost completely emptied, but CNN’s John King was laboriously (some would say absurdly) trying to patch together a few uncounted votes from every block in Democratic-leaning Pennsylvania precincts to demonstrate that the contest was still not over. And, of course, some members of the idiot panels CNN put together continued to spew out vitriolic predictions of the End Times now that Trump was President-elect.

Only MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was more apocalyptic and more irrational.

There’s lots more we will say in many other posts today. What matters first and foremost is that a monomaniacal pro-abortionist, a woman who would have nominated Ruth Bader Ginsburg-esque candidates to the Supreme Court and who believes it is her duty to root out the backward thinking of those largely faith-based “basket of deplorables,” some of whom “are irredeemable.” was defeated.

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