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The Media’s end-of the-world-as-we-know-it sob story

by | Nov 16, 2016

By Dave Andrusko


liberalmedia23re  Does anyone not on the payroll of the Media Elite believe that had Hillary Clinton won last week, we’d be reading 1 /100 of the gloom and doom—actually more accurately, nearly apocalyptic—coverage that saturates our monitors, our smart phones, and our televisions?

The only way to explain the hysteria that grows by the day is to liken it to the snowball effect. That and the Media Elite’s wholly insincere effort to “understand” why pro-life Donald Trump was elected which only makes them angrier.

Here are a few examples. You would have thought Donald Trump had dumped his Secret Service protection and impulsively ran to the corner McDonald’s if you put any credence into all the finger-wagging we saw last night and this morning. In fact, all he did was take his family out for dinner and not invite the press along.

“Protocol” was broken? Really? Because he ate a meal in peace with his wife and some of his children?

How about this? The Washington Post offered readers a chance to send letters to the uniformly hostile editorial page explaining why they voted for Trump. On Sunday some of their responses ran.

But if you flip the page, you read an editorial that is soaked in venom and so poorly-reasoned you’d have thought a middle-schooler had written it.

I am skipping the first editorial in which we are told President Obama—totally oblivious to the reality that under his presidency, his party has been demolished– is “modeling virtue,” indeed has “just embodied republican virtue.” (You can’t make this stuff up.)

Mt. Rushmore, here he comes.

Then you read the editorial underneath, which is replete with sophomoric debating ploys—the kind, for example, where the Post’s editorial writers puts their own hostile sentiments into the mouths of foreign leaders and then tell us “let’s hope it’s not that bad.”

My favorite is they “hope” that the U.S. is not “about to place itself at the head of a global, populist, quasi-authoritarian movement.” Indeed, let’s hope. (By the way, what do you call “liberal” demands that we abolish the Electoral College and do away with states altogether?)

Then today the Post runs a story about a poll it conducted, the results of which just happen to affirm everything they believe: that Trump has no “mandate” to do much of anything other than to order that Mt. Rushmore be updated.

So, the Republicans control both Houses of Congress, most of the state legislatures and governorships, and Trump wins 306 electoral votes to 232 for Clinton, and none of this means anything.

One additional thought for today. I’m just guessing but I suspect when President Obama won his first term, the Post did not run a Life Style story under the headline, “She always believed in a country where love and kindness won. Would Trump’s [Obama’s] victory change her view?”

Did we get the equivalent of this? Asked by her daughter if she was going to watch Clinton’s concession speech, “Cathy Mousseau, a Midwestern Methodist” replies

“I don’t know,” said Cathy, who was trying to resist the feeling that it was not just Hillary Clinton conceding the election but Cathy herself being asked to concede that love and kindness and everything she felt her life was about was lost in this new America of Wednesday morning.

   Just a thought: Trump won 81% of the White Evangelical vote and the Catholic vote by a margin of 7 points. Clinton won 68% of those who said they had “no religion.” He also carried virtually the entire Midwest.

Perhaps someone other than a “Midwestern Methodist” should have the poster girl for this end-of the-world-as-we-know-it sob story.

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