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Trump’s USA Today editorial illustrates why pro-lifers should vote for him

by | Nov 8, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

trumppence47Whatever happens today, and I am very optimistic, pro-lifers should remember that Donald Trump has been vocally, unapologetically, and straightforwardly pro-life.

Consider: in an overwhelmingly pro-abortion media environment. where reporters already boast of having dropped any pretense of objectivity in covering Trump, that is very brave.

In his final words to a nationwide audience, through the vehicle of an op-ed in USA Today, Trump embedded his strong objections to ObamaCare and promise to “restore the constitutional rule of law” in a narrative of Making America Great Again.

“Why you should vote for me” includes these remarks of particular interest to single-issue pro-lifers:

· Objection to ObamaCare: “Real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing job-killing Obamacare — Americans are experiencing soaring double-digit premium hikes, insurers are leaving, doctors are quitting, jobs are fleeing, and deductibles are through the roof.”

· Resistance to a judiciary that sees itself as a super-legislature. “I will restore the constitutional rule of law and nominate Supreme Court justices who will do the same.” As Trump has said on many occasions, the model for the type of jurist he would nominate is the late Antonin Scalia.

When he ended his op-ed with, “I am asking for your vote, and to be your champion in the White House,” I could not help thinking of Trump as champion of unborn children and the alternative–a woman who eats and breaths to promote and expand.

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