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When children are about “I want”

by | Nov 4, 2016

By Béatrice Fedor


One of the problems with the “wanted child” mentality is that it’s teaching us that everything revolves around “I want.”

In life, things and people don’t always live up to our expectations. Whether it’s work or relationships, things won’t often come at the right time; they rarely fulfill our dreams; people often don’t do and say the things we expect.

Sadly, women having an abortion today have no guarantee that they will be pregnant again when they feel ready; if/when they find the right man.

There is something that I learned from growing up in France and having two abortions.

In France, they call abortion “interruption of the pregnancy” to make women feel better about a demeaning, gruesome procedure. After all, if we simply “interrupt” the pregnancy and make this child disappear now, perhaps we will be able to go back in time when we are ready and pick up where we left off. In our secular societies where we don’t believe in the afterlife unless there is some kind of reincarnation, we end up convincing ourselves that our children’s lives are interchangeable.

I found out the hard way that legal abortion doesn’t give us the power to gently send our children away to some kind of limbo. And, no, there is no way we can welcome them back under the form of another, when we decide.

The truth is, each human being is unique and irreplaceable and that includes life in the womb. That (unborn) person doesn’t deserve lethal drugs or barbaric instruments. Why should she be destined for a premeditated and premature death? Nothing gives us the right to discriminate against that life; neither because we have the means to destroy it, nor because it’s legal.

Some pregnancies might be unplanned but we don’t have to conform to society’s “every child a wanted child” standards and eliminate some of our children.

Abortion is a radical decision and we won’t be able to have those children back. It’s also extremely hard to live with, especially when the aborted child turns out to be your only child. No woman should have to go through that.

No one is ever prepared for motherhood. New parents quickly learn that somebody else’s needs and wants come before their own.

It is easy? No, not always, but nothing in this world compares to a child’s smile.

I can’t force anyone to choose life but I can advise women to choose wisely. Help is available for the mothers who need it.

Editor’s note. This appeared on Mrs. Fedor’s blog.

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