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Foolishly imagining there were no abortion battles before Trump’s election

by | Dec 14, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-life President-elect Donald Trump

Read this headline from CNN and tell me what you take from it: “How Trump’s election reignites the abortion wars.”

Well, clearly, that all was quiet on the Abortion Front until pro-life President-elect Donald Trump had the poor taste (from the mainstream media’s point of view) to defeat pro-abortion-to-the-hilt Hillary Clinton.

How delusional can you get? I understand that CNN was/is in thrall to Clinton and counts it a wasted minute if they haven’t smeared Trump, but really….

The same media that reports, day in and day out, about all the “abortion restrictions” passed in state legislatures acts as if nothing was going on in the states (or for that matter, in Congress) prior to November 8.

A better way of understanding what was and will happen is that Trump’s election has amped up pro-life legislative leaders. We hear such Trump haters as the New York Times writing stories with headlines such as this: “Abortion Foes, Emboldened by Trump, Promise ‘Onslaught’ of Tough Restrictions “ (written by Sabrina Tavernise and Sheryl Gay Stolberg).

It’s as if Trump election has thrown fuel on already burning fire and pro-lifers are eager to use that momentum to pass legislation such as the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act.

At the national level, congressional pro-life initiatives have been stymied by soon-to-be-departed pro-abortion President Barack Obama. So, in addition to energizing state pro-lifers, the election of Mr. Trump will mean not only that an insuperable barrier has left but that someone who would been even more pro-abortion–Hillary Clinton–was defeated.

This opens the door to accomplishing what President-elect Trump promised while campaigning. He will nominate only pro-life Supreme Court justices, retain the life-saving Hyde Amendment, sign into law the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would end painful late-term abortions nationwide, defund Planned Parenthood as long as they continue to perform abortions, and reallocate their funding to community health centers that provide comprehensive health care for women.

And, as NRL News Today has reported [], Trump has already chosen a number of pro-lifers to fill important posts not only in his cabinet but elsewhere in his administration as well.

I can’t wait for Mr. Trump’s January 20 inauguration.

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