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Give the Gift of Life this Christmas

by | Dec 15, 2016

You and I will give gifts this Christmas. It is a wonderful way to show our love for our family and friends.

But what if we could give the greatest gift on this earth – the gift of life itself? Support for National Right to Life does exactly that.

I’m sure you’ve read about the very impressive statistics that show big drops in abortion numbers over the years. And the major role that National Right to Life has played in that drop.

But statistics sometimes hide the miracle of each individual life – a precious baby not killed by abortion; a mother not haunted for the rest of her life by a tragic decision.

You can help us make that powerful difference in someone’s life with a year-end gift to the National Right to Life Educational Foundation – a fully tax-deductible donation, since it will go for vital pro-life education that saves lives.

Please help now by making a deductible donation to the National Right to Life Educational Foundation, and helping us give the most precious gift of all – the gift of life itself!

Thank you and may you have a most blessed Christmas and New Year!

Carol Tobias,
President, National Right to Life


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