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Ground Breaking Prenatal Surgery a Success

by | Dec 15, 2016

Katie Rice’s son Tucker underwent fetal heart surgery when she was 24 weeks pregnant with him.

Katie Rice’s son Tucker underwent fetal heart surgery when she was 24 weeks pregnant with him.

Amazing news has emerged out of Philadelphia as it was recently revealed that the first successful pre-natal surgery to remove a heart tumor was performed at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The case came to light following the publication of a study in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Now three years old, little Tucker Rice was 20-weeks in the womb when doctors discovered that he had a dangerous tumor growing on his heart.

“Doctors discovered the life-threatening tumor on Tucker’s heart during his mom Katie Rice’s 20-week prenatal appointment. “On that terrifying day in 2013, doctors told Rice that she may have to have an abortion; her health was at risk, and her unborn son probably would not survive, according to the report. Instead, Rice decided to give her son a fighting chance at life.”

Less than a month after the diagnosis, Katie was in surgery at the Children’s Hospital and, in a groundbreaking surgery, doctors opened the uterus and removed the rare, fast-growing tumor that was pressing on the baby’s heart. They then allowed the pregnancy to continue normally and successfully. Thankfully, baby Tucker was born entirely healthy and is now a happy and energetic little boy.

Tucker’s case represents a major medical advancement and is a source of hope for other parents whose children receive a severe prenatal diagnosis. So often these parents are pressured to opt for abortion rather than fight for their children’s lives. By the reasoning of abortion proponents, Tucker had a fatal condition and should have been aborted. However he is alive today because his parents and doctors did not give up. Additionally, there is tremendous hope for babies who, in the future, may have the same condition.

The lives of babies prenatally diagnosed with life threatening conditions are still precious and valuable and we must continue to fight to protect and preserve them.

Editor’s note. This appeared in the British pro-life publication Life Institute.

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