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New ‘Hamilton’ Sweepstakes Fund That ‘Beacon of Hope’ Planned Parenthood

by | Dec 27, 2016

By Sarah Stites

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda

For liberal entertainment icon and Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, progressive activism is a family operation. Now, he and his parents have coordinated a sweepstakes to raise money for Planned Parenthood.

During the 2016 election season, Miranda made no secret of his avid support for Hillary Clinton and abortion access. But these passions certainly run in the family. Lin’s father, Luis, has helped manage senate campaigns for Clinton, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. His mother, Luz Towns-Miranda, is a psychologist and Planned Parenthood board member. Thus, it was no surprise when she waxed eloquent about the abortion provider in a December 22 personal essay about women’s rights for Vogue magazine.

After opening with the story of a high school classmate who disappeared from school after an unintended pregnancy, Towns-Miranda enthused: “Planned Parenthood was then, and is now, a beacon of hope, and a safe place.” She even went so far as to call it “one of the country’s most trusted organizations.”

Citing the “increased threat to women’s reproductive rights” under the upcoming administration, Towns-Miranda excitedly announced the news of a sweepstakes to win tickets to Hamilton shows in Chicago, NYC and San Francisco.

“All it takes to win is a $10 donation to Planned Parenthood Federation of America,” Lin-Manuel wrote on the contest’s website.

“The winner will have fun, but the many who are participating should be forever proud that their support helped Planned Parenthood continue to thrive,” Towns-Miranda added.

If she had aborted Lin-Manuel, there would be no Hamilton. How many other creative and innovative people, performances and products don’t exist today because they never made it into the world? Something to think about.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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