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New Pro-Abortion Collaboration to Counter Pro-Life Non-Governmental Agencies (NGOs)

by | Dec 22, 2016

Editor’s note. This appeared on the webpage of the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues.

Pro-abortion activists have launched a new collaboration to attack pro-life and pro-family organizations around the world that are increasingly successful in their efforts, including at the United Nations, and which are falsely described as “anti-human rights.”

The press release of the Observatory on the Universality of Rights (OURs) explains that the time to act is now as

“governments the world over shifting to the right, and most recently the election of Donald Trump in the United States, more power and legitimacy has been given to anti-human rights actors at both national and international levels.” 

The radical activists fear religious and cultural values that protect the unborn and national laws against abortion claiming that

“today conservative actors are targeting the systems established to protect our human rights. These actors use arguments based on extreme interpretations of religion, culture, and tradition, along with rhetoric linked to state sovereignty to roll back fundamental rights – particularly women’s rights and gender justice- and to justify state impunity.”

Global support to protect the right to life of the unborn child and his or her mother from the violence of abortion is growing. Countries are increasingly defending their religious and cultural values, as well as their sovereign laws during negotiations at the United Nations despite mounting pressure. Radical NGOs are increasingly frustrated.

The press release includes,

“Religious fundamentalists are now operating with increased frequency, resources, and support in international human rights spaces. Furthermore, these actors are extremely well coordinated, building dynamic, issue-oriented affiliations between civil society actors, intergovernmental organizations, and states, and across regions and religions.

OURS self-described goal is

“to monitor, analyze, and share information on these anti-rights initiatives threatening international and regional human rights systems. Grounded in a feminist framework, the OURs initiative works across regions, issues, and human rights spaces towards the advancement of social justice.”

The effort should encourage pro-life and pro-family organizations around the world and at the UN as a sign of success. OURS acknowledges that “the strategies employed by anti-human rights actors have already had a substantive effect on the international and regional human rights systems…”

OURs is coordinated by the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID). Members include Ipas, Planned Parenthood and World Council of Churches (WCC).

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