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Soft hearts, little children, and beautiful heavenly mansions

by | Dec 8, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

As we approach Christmas, we’re sharing stories at NRL News Today about what this means to pro-lifers. In addition to this post, we are running a very moving, very encouraging story from Maria Gallagher.

Speaking of something borrowed, something new…Louisa, our youngest daughter, was married this year to a fine fellow. One of her two older sisters, Joanna, wed almost exactly two years before. Each was a maid of honor for the other and each delivered a tribute the entire Andrusko clan will remember forever.

Below is the conclusion of an editorial that appeared way, way back–in the Christmas 1993 edition of National Right to Life News! (Louisa referenced that ending in her tender and amusing tribute to her big sister.)

The editorial culminated a series of stories that showed the two characteristics which I find most encouraging about pro-lifers: their relentless determination and their soft hearts.


May I just relay one more story? I think you will agree it drives the point home. It was told to me last week by my wife, Lisa. It seems Joanna, our six year old, had been playing peacefully all day long with her four-year-old sister, Louisa. (That alone should have tipped us off something unusual was in the wind.)

For some reason, Joanna suddenly piped up, “Oh, when we die we won’t be able to play together.” Whether it was the look on Louisa’s face or Joanna’s own tender heart, she quickly ad-libbed, “But we can play together in heaven.”

Louisa, for her part, was not so easily satisfied. “But how will I find you?” she asked anxiously. Easy, Joanna replied confidently. They’d each have their own mansion. “You can look for mine,” she said. “It’ll have a sign, ‘Joanna’s mansion.’”

Louisa then looked up at her big sister and responded in her most solemn voice, “But I can’t read!”

I’m told Joanna paused for only an instant. And then in her best it’ll-be-alright-voice, she reassured her little sister, “Don’t worry. You don’t die before you learn to read.”

We laughed, but then, almost at the same instant, we both thought of the 30 million preborn children [now over 59 million] who sadly, never had a chance to learn to read.

I’m convinced that pro-lifers are given these precious moments not only to make us love our children even more but also to fortify us for in our hours of greatest challenge. And because we so love all little children, I believe we have been given special insights into the Lord’s heart.

We know that He expects us to be faithful, just as He is faithful.

We know that we are to do all that we can for the babies until He calls us home. That is our awesome responsibility but also our glorious privilege.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that when we are in His presence, there will be mansions waiting for each of us. I believe the loveliest will be set aside for the children He treasures so much.

And I am convinced that the most beautiful mansions of all will be reserved for those who came into His presence before they learned to read.

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