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The Dawn of Pro-Life Ascendency?

by | Dec 19, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

“At the moment, incrementalist bills are the real risk Roe faces.” — Molly Redden, Washington Post

“There is nothing automatic about Supreme Court reversals, which are not common. But Trump stands a solid chance of pushing through a conservative agenda at the most powerful court in the land, with one seat on the nine-member panel currently left vacant and one or more others likely to come due to the advanced age of some justices.” — The Daily Mail

“It’s as if Trump election has thrown fuel on already burning fire and pro-lifers are eager to use the heat from that blaze to pass legislation such as the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act.” — National Right to Life News Today

Quotes such as the sample reposted above help us appreciate why pro-abortion Democrats were so eager to pull an “electoral college coup” (in the words of the Washington Post) by persuading enough of the 538 electors to [unfaithfully] vote for someone other than pro-life President-elect Donald Trump in order to deny him the presidency (at least in the short term).

Foment a constitutional crisis? For this crowd, no big deal.

On the hysteria meter, Redden (described as a digital opinions producer for the Post) registers the usual off-the-scale numbers for the Trump haters who will do most anything to stop his January 20 inaugural. But amidst the end-of-the-known-world rhetoric, Redden gets one thing right.

NRLC’s step-by-step (“incrementalist bill”) strategy is paying off.

The goal has always been to bring laws to the Supreme Court that will pass constitutional muster, which requires a majority of justices who understand that time has not stood still–that we are not in 1973.

We are soon to be in 2017, a time in which the faces of unborn children are affixed to the doors of refrigerators, part of photo albums, and which appear in so many commercials they are deserving of some sort of residual.

In 1973, we didn’t know that by 20 weeks, if not earlier, the littlest Americans will experience unimaginable pain as they are brutally dismembered. We didn’t know that dismemberment abortions performed on live unborn children resemble nothing so much as a scene out of the worst slasher films.

And, of course, when surgery is performed in utero on unborn babies, how can you deny that they share our common humanity?

In other words, contrary to the fervent wishes of pro-abortionists who pine for 1973, the United States is not the land where time stood still. Everything has changed, including the election of a pro-life president and continuing pro-life leadership of both Houses of Congress.

Pick your verb: “buoyed,” “emboldened,” “energized”–they all signify the same message. The election of Mr. Trump has fundamentally changed the landscape by motivating pro-lifers and discouraging anti-life forces.

As we approach the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, pro-abortion hegemony is on the wane. We can hope that we are on the dawn of pro-life ascendency.