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Top 16 NRL News Today Stories for 2016

by | Dec 30, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

Today is the last set of NRL News Today posts for 2016. What a wonderfully crazy year it has been. (See here and here.) Thanks to all our readers who have been so generous both in their willingness to forward NRL News Today stories to their pro-life contacts and in their encouragement to me.

Not surprisingly, given that this was a presidential year, the story that received the most “likes” and “shares” was about Hillary Clinton. “10 examples illustrating how extreme Hillary Clinton is on abortion” was liked by 27,000 respondents and shared by 1,100. Ranking third was a story about Donald Trump’s interview with EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo in which the now President-elect talked about how he became a pro-life and reaffirmed his promise to nominate only pro-life jurists to the Supreme Court.

But there many non-political stories that our readers enjoyed. The common denominator for many was examples found in popular culture where the unborn child was seen for what he or she actually is: a member of the human family on their way to birth.

Another batch of stories dealt with the people who make up our Movement—generous, giving folks whose commitment is unwavering. Still another category was encouraging, life-affirming posts about children with Down syndrome.

I hope you take some time to click on the hyperlinks included below. I should warn you: you just can’t read one.

Happy New Year to all.

Dave Andrusko, editor
NRL News Today

10 examples illustrating how extreme Hillary Clinton is on abortion

Unborn baby proven to be more than a clump of cells on Big Bang Theory

Donald Trump explains to EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo his journey to becoming pro-life and denounces Clinton campaign’s anti-Catholic bigotry

Women deserve the truth about Down syndrome and pre-natal testing

You can’t know whether pro-life Donald Trump or pro-abortion Hillary Clinton will prevail

Interview Israel Stinson’s mom on battle with hospital that turned off toddler’s life-support against her wishes

PPFA continues in vain to find excuses why Clinton lost

Our 2016 People of the Year

The doctor said he was sorry my twins had Down syndrome, but I wouldn’t swap them for the world

Planned Parenthood 2010-2016 fewer centers but more abortion clinics and later abortions

Woman’s motherly instinct saves newborn baby boy abandoned in a trash compactor

Donald Trump selects pro-life Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to be his VP

Guardian angel discovers abandoned one-day-old baby

Defenders of late, late abortions put on defensive by Trump’s accurate explanation of Clinton’s radical views on abortion

Trump hit a very sensitive nerve when accurately describing Clinton’s abortion extremism


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