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Virginia Lt. Gov. Northam and Gov. McAuliffe will work hard to prevent the advancement of the life-saving Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

by | Dec 21, 2016

By Olivia Gans Turner, President, Virginia Society for Human Life

Do you know how pro-abortion Virginia’s Lt. Governor Ralph Northam is? Well, he just made public comments opposing HB-1473, the latest version of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Act which was just signed in to law in Ohio!

Apparently he has no compassion for the helpless little unborn children who suffer the horrific death cause by abortion. Lt. Gov. Northam is using his position to generate opposition to efforts by pro-life legislators to pass this protective law. His comments to a Virginia Democratic group are full of the typical fear-mongering and false narratives.

Why you ask? Well, looking at his perfect pro-abortion voting record while in the Virginia Senate, it is clear that he is in the pocket of the abortion industry, just like Gov. Terry McAuliffe! Together they will work harder than ever to prevent this important bill from passing in the General Assembly during the 2017 session.

This reasonable bill has already been successfully enacted in 15 states. The lives of pain-capable unborn babies are being saved in those states, and it is time for Virginia to see this happen here.

Why is this legislation needed?

Multiple studies have demonstrated that by 20 weeks, the unborn child can experience pain. In truth the unborn’s capacity to experience pain is more excruciating than what you and I feel. Yet abortionists claim this science is bogus.

These laws cut into the abortion industry’s profit and so they and their supporters in the General Assembly will oppose HB-1473 with all their might.

Won’t you please help us hold fast against these attacks?

It is vitally important that our Delegates and Senators hear from us ASAP! 

The 2017 General Assembly will begin on January 11. Del. David LaRock has submitted the new bill. It is so important that our legislators show their support for HB-1473.

They can do that best by becoming a co-patron. Your phone calls and emails right now will show them that there is widespread public support for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Pro-abortion forces are already contacting the Members’ offices. I know it’s Christmas time but we must do all that we can right away to make sure that our elected officials don’t think we will accept them sitting out another session just because of pro-abortion opposition.

Let’s ask them to send a clear message to pro-abortion Lt. Governor Northam and pro-abortion Gov. McAuliffe that they can’t stop pro-life laws by making speeches and threatening vetoes.

It only take a couple of minutes to send an email or call and leave a message. You can use this link to help you find the information you need to contact your legislators today!

Remember, it will take a great deal to communicate with the public about this bill. Your contributions now help VSHL do the hard work needed in Richmond and around Virginia.

Thank you and many hopes for you and yours at this season!

Olivia Gans Turner

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