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A truly mind-boggling video Planned Parenthood posted on its YouTube channel

by | Jan 19, 2017

By Jay Hobbs

PPFA President Cecile Richards embracing pro-abortion President Barack Obama

PPFA President Cecile Richards embracing pro-abortion President Barack Obama

Every year, Planned Parenthood physicians carry out well over 320,000 abortions, compared to just over 17,000 total reported prenatal care services—the latter a number that has fallen over 44 percent since 2010.

Meanwhile, the abortion giant referred just over 2,000 of its patients to adoption agencies in 2014-15, the last year such statistics are available.

Meanwhile, it’s estimated that 9 out of 10 pregnant women who enter a Planned Parenthood ends her child’s life through abortion.

Those numbers are all helpful to keep handy in light of a truly mind-boggling video Planned Parenthood posted to its YouTube channel Jan 10, capturing a mother who had gone into one of its clinics for an abortion but ended up choosing life for her son.

The video, “A Grateful Mom – Adeline’s Story,” is a celebration of the one who got away. The exception to the rule. The one pregnant woman out of 10 who enters a Planned Parenthood and comes out with both her life and her baby’s intact.

“I found out I was pregnant, and it was not planned,” Adeline says in the video. “The most pragmatic option was to get an abortion. I was actually quite conflicted. When I went in to see the actual physician, I was a wreck. She took a look at me and said, ‘Something tells me that today is not your day. Sleep on it and then reschedule.’”

It’s at this point in the video—which is only 30 seconds long—that audio from her son comes into the story, with the child calling out, “Momma.” He’s an adorable toddler, depicted walking around he and momma’s apartment before giving her a kiss.

It really is hard to beat the sight of an adorable child interacting with his momma when you know the rest of the story—here’s a scene that never would have happened if Adeline had gone through with Planned Parenthood’s most prolific “service.”

Here’s a scene Planned Parenthood charges anywhere from $600 to $3,300 per patient to deliberately prevent birth by poisoning and dismembering unborn children. (That’s before you add up the $540 million in annual taxpayer fees or the millions it rakes in for its “medical reimbursement” cottage industry exposed by the Center for Medical Progress in the summer of 2015.)

It’s a scene 2,600 pro-life pregnancy centers throughout the U.S. fight tooth-and-nail to make happen every day. A scene like this, mother and child, is a perfect picture of why we strive every day to make abortion—not children—unwanted and unthinkable. What’s odd is to see Planned Parenthood rejoicing over a mom and baby who escaped its hangman’s noose.

The video ends on a curious note, as well, when Adeline shares her gratitude for the unnamed doctor at an unidentified Planned Parenthood somewhere (presumably) in the U.S.

It’s a far cry from the common practice of pregnancy centers who celebrate moments like these and spread the specific stories far and wide, even to the offices of federal lawmakers, like the seven moms who will tell their stories in Washington, D.C. as part of Heartbeat International’s Babies Go to Congress next week.

“I wish I knew her name, so I could thank her for the role that she played in making me a mother,” Adeline says.

Who is this doctor? A couple names we can cross off our list would be the wine-sipping Dr. Deborah Nucatola and the infamous Dr. Mary Gatter of “I want a Lamborghini” fame—two high-level Planned Parenthood doctors caught on video haggling over the price of baby body parts, illegally resold after abortions.

Where did this take place? Probably not at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains or Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, where the likes of Dr. Savita Ginde and Melissa Farrell are a little too preoccupied with harvesting “intact” fetal cadavers than they are working with their patients to prepare them for motherhood.

And what, pray tell, did Planned Parenthood do by way of follow up? Did they offer any baby items? Diapers? Wipes? Formula? (Scratch that last one, Planned Parenthood staffers sometimes confuse formula for hazardous materials.)

Any parenting classes? Referrals to community resources? It’s highly unlikely, to say the least, that Planned Parenthood offered Adeline any support of this kind—which is all available free of charge at any pregnancy help center you could point to on a map.

Thankfully, Adeline was the one (in 10) that got away from Planned Parenthood, along with her lovable son. Here’s to celebrating the one that got away. And here’s to praying for more.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Pregnancy Help News and is reposted with permission.

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