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Bill to ban “barbaric and cruel and savage” dismemberment abortions passes Arkansas House Committee

by | Jan 19, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

Arkansas State Rep. Andy Mayberry

Earlier today, six weeks after it was introduced, the Arkansas House Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee passed the Arkansas Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion act on a voice vote.

The measure would ban the hideous practice of dismemberment abortions. Six states– Kansas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana–currently forbid an abortion “technique” that uses sharp metal clamps and scissors to crush, tear and pulverize living unborn human beings, to rip heads and legs off of tiny torsos until the defenseless child bleeds to death.

State Rep. Andy Mayberry, who introduced HB1032, described dismemberment abortions as “barbaric and cruel and savage” that should not be embraced by a “civilized society.

Planned Parenthood says the legislation is among the “extreme and ideological attacks” on women,” according to the Associated Press.

Victoria Lee, who testified against the bill on behalf of the ACLU, accused supporters of “using inflammatory language to describe the procedure rather than a scientific description,” the AP’s Kelly P. Kissel reported.

“Arkansas is on the right path to protect unborn children from such a heinous act which tears the baby apart limb by limb,” said Ingrid Duran, director of NRLC’s department of state legislation. “I can assure you there is nothing ‘inflammatory’ about describing the sickening reality of dismemberment abortions. ”

Arkansas State Rep.Robin Lundstrum

Arkansas State Rep.Robin Lundstrum

For her part, State Rep. Robin Lundstrum asked Lee: “Do you ever represent the civil liberties of the baby that’s being dismembered?”

Lundstrum added “We’re discussing the dismembering of a child… It’s not a walk in the park. This is what we’re talking about.”

Dr. Richard Wyatt, a gynecologist from Little Rock, testified in favor of HB1032 . Dr. Wyatt said in a dismemberment abortion, the abortionist “pull[s] out the baby’s pieces,” Kissel reported.

He told the committee the baby’s body must be reconstructed “outside the womb ‘like a puzzle’ to ensure all of it has been removed and reduce the risk of infection.”

Arkansas is also one of 16 states that have passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act which protects unborn babies who are pain-capable and would suffer excruciating deaths as they are killed.

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