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Real reasons there is so much pro-life legislation escapes abortion apologist

by | Jan 17, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

Over the last five years, NRL News Today has posted literally dozens and dozens and dozens of stories about the proposing of, passage of, and subsequent influence of pro-life legislation.

In the same timeframe, our benighted opposition, which includes (for all practical purposes) the entirety of the Establishment Media, has written thousands of laments alternating with Jeremiahs, all of which bemoaned even the most commonsense legislation.

I mention that by way of preface. I am updating a story I wrote a few years back, in which I was responding to a pro-abortion post that pro-life Republicans ought never to touch the abortion issue again. (It’s so “toxic,” nobody agrees with us, etc., etc.–the usual blarney.)

Why the update? For three reasons.

First, contrary to the counsel of Michelle Goldberg, writing for The Daily Beast, the abortion/future composition of the Supreme Court proved to be a huge plus for pro-life President-elect Donald Trump.

Second, Goldberg implied that it is only Republicans who have planted their flag on one side of the contested territory.

This is absurd. With a handful of exceptions, Democrats march in lock-step with the NARALs and Planned Parenthoods.

A third reason is because her and her allies’ arguments—tedious as they are—are so revealing and so often lead to a conclusion directly opposite from the one they are striving to persuade you to accept.

If you were to take Goldberg’s “The GOP’s Abortion Obsession” at face value, Republicans ought to never, ever whisper the “A” word again. That they have not followed her advice—both in many state legislatures and in Congress—can only be explained, she tells us, by grassroots pro-lifers insisting the issue stay front and center.

Not that pro-life Republicans are sincere. Not that pro-life Republicans are reflecting their party’s core principles on life. And not because a majority of their constituents are pro-life.

Three quick responses

#1. Does anyone think that Democrats are not obsessed with abortion? Think about this for a second. At one end, they oppose measures that keep the Abortion Industry from ripping apart babies who can experience pain. At the other they work feverishly to keep women in the dark about their baby’s development and their abortion trade from meeting minimal health and safety standards.

GOP obsession? Please.

#2. The irony of implying that the Republican Party and its pro-life base are, at a minimum, not in sync would be laughable if it weren’t just another example of the pot calling the kettle black. Does anyone think the average mainstream Democrat buys into opposing the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act? Or resists legislation to prevent future Kermit Gosnells? The reason legislation has moved and will continue to move is because many state legislatures are in harmony with pro-lifers as is the Congress.

#3. Goldberg is in a pinch on fetal pain legislation. She concedes that “After all, polls consistently show that a majority of Americans oppose second-trimester abortion.” (Not just a “majority” but over 60%.) Hmmm. What to do? How about this?

“Even if the public supports restrictions on late abortion, there’s no evidence it considers them a priority,” citing the results from a Democratic pollster who asked questions so loaded they must have been almost embarrassing to pose to adults.

When Goldberg wrote this post, pro-abortionists were already horrified because the truth was getting out. Now, they no longer have pro-abortion Barack Obama to block–or threat to block–pro-life legislation, so the picture is even gloomier.

Can’t wait for January 20, 2017, Inauguration Day.

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