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Pro-life Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signs two pro-life bills

by | Jan 9, 2017

Kentucky 16th to enact Pain-Capable bill

By Dave Andrusko

Still another reminder that elections have consequences. Pro-life Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin today signed two pro-life bills into law: the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (SB5) and a bill that offers an abortion-minded woman the opportunity to see an ultrasound of her unborn child (HB2).

The bills passed both houses than a week from the time they were introduced.

Swift passage of SB5 and HB2 came after pro-life Republicans won control in November of the state House where pro-life measures had previously been bottled up by Democrats under the leadership of outgoing Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo. Pro-life Republicans retained control of the state Senate.

On Saturday, the House approved SB5 by an overwhelming vote of 79-15. The bill allows exceptions if an abortion is necessary to save a woman’s life or prevent substantial, irreversible harm to any of her major bodily functions.

SB5, like the laws in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin, says you cannot abort a child capable of experiencing pain, a capacity that medical science has demonstrated takes place no later than at 20 weeks.

Ingrid Duran, NRLC’s director of state legislation, told NRL News Today, “For Kentucky to soon become the 16th state within the first week of the new year sets a tone for the 2017 session in all states: that the unborn child deserves protection.”

Sen. Brandon Smith, the sponsor of SB 5, told the House

“Senate Bill 5 is an attempt to try and protect the children,” said Smith, R-Hazard.

Speaking to the committee, Smith graphically described what he said was the procedure used to rip apart babies during late-term abortions.

In addition, the Senate also voted 32-5 to pass House Bill 2.

Last week the Lexington Herald Leader reported that once they are signed, both laws contain language that will make them effective immediately.

A third bill under consideration would defund organizations which perform abortion.

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