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WaPo concedes: mood of annual March for Life is “optimistic”

by | Jan 26, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

Yesterday we blue-skied about what kind of media coverage this year’s March for Life would receive, given the mountains of absolutely uncritical coverage given to last Saturday’s pro-abortion, anti-President Trump “Women’s March.” What are seeing less than 24 hours out?

How about our old friends (ahem) at the New York Times?

If you believe Laurie Goodstein and Anemona Hartocollis [“Abortion Foes Aim to Compete With Turnout for Women’s March”], we are really anxious there won’t be as many pro-lifers Friday as there were pro-abortionists six days before. Specifically

But a new sense of urgency, anxiety and maybe a little envy has accompanied this year’s event, with anti-abortion organizers suddenly realizing they had a tough act to follow.

Only in the page of the abortiphile New York Times would an outpouring of perhaps several hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers be cause for “urgency, anxiety and maybe a little envy.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

The Washington Post, by contrast, offered a thoughtful, balanced, and far more accurate story this morning with a completely different headline and stance: “The annual March for Life will have a new mood this year: Optimistic.”

How could the dominate mood not be optimism? For starters, we have a pro-life President who has already signed a Memorandum to end funding of organizations who perform or promote abortion overseas and who has vowed to nominate only pro-lifers to the Supreme Court, among other pro-life assurances.

And as a huge sign of solidarity, pro-life presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway and pro-life Vice President Mike Pence will speak at tomorrow’s March.

But it’s not just a Trump administration where pro-lifers abound that is cause for pro-lifers to be “optimistic.” Both Houses of Congress are lead by pro-lifers and the House has already passed the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion.

The Abortion Industry has long enjoyed a steady stream of billions of dollars of federal dollars, both to advance the cause of death at home and overseas. If this measure is passed in the Senate and sent along to President Trump for his signature, it will represent a fundamental shift.

And this doesn’t even address the major pro-life initiatives already in the legislative hoppers of state legislatures.

“Optimistic”? You betcha.

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