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Georgia Legislative Update on two bills

by | Feb 28, 2017

Editor’s note. The following comes from the Georgia Life Alliance, NRLC’s state affiliate.

The 2017 state legislative session has begun and Georgia Life Alliance is closely monitoring the legislation. Here are updates on a couple bills of interest.

SB 193

GLA priority legislation to strengthen the Positive Alternatives Grant Program (Senate Bill 193) has passed out of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee as of this past Tuesday. Senator Renee Unterman is carrying this bill as part of her continued commitment to the Georgia’s women and the unborn. Senator Steve Henson (D) attempted to amend the bill in ways that were contrary to the purpose of the bill and an attack was mounted against Pregnancy Resource Centers on erroneous allegations similar to the debate last year.

During our legislative battle in 2016, Lori Parker, Director of the Cobb Pregnancy Center, responded to these attacks in this articulate post and it is good to read again [].

Georgia Life Alliance Committee will be lobbying Senators in the coming days to arm them with accurate information about the services provided to women and children throughout Georgia’s Pregnancy Resource Centers.

SB 193 will need to be voted on by the full Senate in the coming week before crossover day on Friday, March 2, 2017. We expect there will be another attempt by the pro-abortion lobby to amend this bill before its vote on the Senate floor. Contact your Senator and urge them to vote for SB 193 as passed by the Health and Human Services Committee without amendments.

SB 74

Senate Bill 74 has been introduced by Senator Josh McKoon and if passed, it would make it moderately more difficult for a minor to get an abortion without notifying her parents. It would require a judge to find by “clear and convincing evidence” that the minor is mature enough to make the decision or that notification is not in the minor’s best interest.

“Clear and convincing” would be an improvement from the unstated current standard which would only require the judge to find by a presumption of the evidence that the minor is mature.

We will be monitoring this legislation as it progresses.

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