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One Phone Call to a Crisis Pregnancy Center Saved Her Baby—and Changed Her Family Forever

by | Feb 20, 2017

By Robbi Harvell

Robbi Harvell serves as a trained counselor at Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center in Washington, D.C.  (Photo: Matt Lockett)

Robbi Harvell serves as a trained counselor at Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center in Washington, D.C.
(Photo: Matt Lockett)

Several months ago, a 24 year-old woman called our center looking for an abortion. She spoke with someone who informed her of all of her other options; she also learned how Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center would be a resource and strength to her if she decided to keep her baby.

The woman didn’t make an appointment with one of our counselors that day—but to the glory of God, neither did she make an appointment with an abortion clinic.

I know because, a few weeks ago, she did make an appointment with us and I was privileged enough to be her counselor.

She opened her heart to me about her struggle and how she had made up her mind to abort her baby… but that wasn’t her final decision.

After that first contact, everything changed. She pins the shift in her life to the day she called us! I know it’s because, after every abortion call, we pray for Jesus to intervene and make a way in each woman’s life.

Praise God for the power of prayer! She told me how, after she called us, her parents and the baby’s father got behind her. She had hope for the future.

My silent awe soon turned to rejoicing! However, the story gets even better. In the midst of our conversation, I asked her if she had picked out a name yet. She told me she didn’t know the gender and was waiting until birth to find out, but that she was considering a few different girl and boy names.

I noticed the names started with the letter “a” and suggested the name Aubrey if it was a girl. I’ve always thought it was such a beautiful name and it means rules with wisdom. She loved the name.

It turns out she went into labor the day after our meeting, and did indeed bring a little girl into the world. To my delight, she named her daughter Aubrey!

I can’t tell you how much that moves me. How grateful I am to God for Aubrey’s life—and thankful that all of us in the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center family had a role in this beautiful journey.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Bound4Life and is reposted with permission. Robbi Harvell serves as a full-time intercessory missionary on staff at Justice of House Prayer DC. She also volunteers with Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center, a faith-based non-profit organization offering help and support to women, men and their families who are in a crisis pregnancy.