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Conclusion: “State of Abortion in U.S.”

by | Feb 9, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

We’ve posted the past two days about National Right to Life’s superb across-the-board summary of where we are on the abortion issue– “The State of Abortion in the United States,” 2017.

In our conclusion, let me go back to the beginning where I said we could write 64 pages about the 64 page report and still only scratch the surface.

We’ve previously discussed the preeminent news that the number of abortions has dropped below 1 million for two consecutive years, according to Guttmacher, and the abortion rate and abortion ratio continue their downward journey. NRL News Today has also closely examined the state of public opinion, the nefarious outreach of Planned Parenthood.

Let’s conclude with a quick overview of state and federal legislation.

“The State of Abortion in the United States” helps the reader appreciate that so long as pro-abortion President Barack Obama occupied the White House, pro-life initiatives ran into an impenetrable fortress. But that did not at all mean that the legislative efforts lacked purpose.

They were dry runs, so to speak, for the day that the White House was in pro-life hands and both Houses of Congress were lead by strong pro-life leaders–exactly the situation now.

By necessity, then, it would be in the states where pro-lifers would succeed. And so it has been.

If I had a dollar for every pro-abortion lament about how “opponents of abortion rights are planning to push a raft of new rules and restrictions,” I could retire several times over. They are–as they should be–very afraid of pro-lifers who have been “emboldened” by the election of pro-life President Donald Trump.

The report is chock-full of graphics and charts, showing the reader where we have struck legislative gold. It is an extremely encouraging visual synopsis of what grassroots pro-lifers have accomplished–and there is no slowing down in 2017. As Ingrid Duran, NRLC’s director of State Legislation, told the Hill newspaper in January, “It’s definitely going to be a busy session.”

You can read the report in an hour, two at the most. You couldn’t possibly learn more, faster than with “The State of Abortion in the United States.”

Take my word for it. The pro-life veteran and novice alike will benefit enormously from the insights contained in this remarkable synopsis of the fruits of pro-life activism.

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