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What next? Inking it up for Planned Parenthood

by | Feb 10, 2017

By Dave Andrusko


For the last post of the week, here’s this from the pro-abortionists-do-the-darndest-things file.

The Huffington Post fancies itself as a cutting-edge outlet for goofy ideas in general, but particularly the most inane projects of pro-abortion feminists typically under the head-scratching heading of “female empowerment.”

Welcome to (and I kid you not) “People Are Getting Tattoos To Protect Planned Parenthood: The resistance will be inked.”

Okay, this will be brief. Why tattoos? Well, as Andy Campbell and Lydia O’Connor ‘splain it, “Women’s health care should be as permanent as ink on human skin.”

“Health care,” of course, being short-hand for abortion for any reason or no reason, and most assuredly without apologies.

So where do the proceeds go from the “Tattoo To Protect Your Parts” (they are sooooo clever) event and the after-party? To “Planned Parenthood NYC Votes, an arm of the women’s health care organization that advocates for elected officials to work in favor of reproductive health and rights issues. Organizers hoped to raise at least $10,000.”

(We learn most of the money came not from the tattoos but the subsequent party at a nearby bar.)

Naturally, inking your arms, nose, belly, whatever must be seen in a bigger picture. According to the Huffington Post, “Wednesday’s event was inspired by the American tradition of activism, said Laura Matthei, a Party to Protect organizer.”

“We didn’t want to sit around and watch all our rights erode,” Matthei said. “We wanted to do something instead of sitting and whining and crying about it, which sometimes of course I do. Even though we are in a liberal state, there are local and state representatives voting against reproductive rights. We can’t have that. We need to put on the pressure right now.”

And the story ends with an assurance that there will be an Act Two in (where else?) In Los Angeles February 19 at the Holistic Tattoo.

What do these say? Desperate times call for desperate measures?

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