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French law sanctions pro-lifers who practice free speech online

by | Mar 9, 2017

By Béatrice Fedor

Belows is a video I made in French about the extension of the “délit d’entrave IVG” law.

This new law is an extension of a 1993 law that forbids anyone to try to keep a woman from entering an abortion facility, talk to her, carry a sign, pass her a pamphlet, make any kind of contact with her in order to dissuade her from having an abortion including offering help. Now this law has been extended to any digital means but note that the text has been changed from “digital” to “any means.” It could be about any website (or perhaps books or videos) contents that is considered as lies, misguiding, making women feel guilty, morally and psychologically pressuring them to keep their child, like telling them about possible consequences of abortion and such.

Béatrice Fedor

Béatrice Fedor

The video transcript in English:

Hello, my name is Béatrice and I would like to talk about the new digital obstruction to abortion law.

There are two questions in particular that I’m asking myself. The first one is where would women who are under moral and psychological (even sometimes physical) pressure to abort; where will they turn?

Those women who are told: “You are going to abort or I leave you!” “If you keep it, I‘ll kick you out of the house!” Where will they turn? Is the only resource they will find the website that tells them where to get an abortion?

Actually, that’s what their oppressor wants so those people will their way but will it help them (women)? I’m not sure but I hope they will have something else, other resources available where they could turn.

My second question is about women who have aborted and suffer from abortion. Will we have the right to speak? Will we be allowed, from now on, to write our stories, to share our stories on the internet or maybe by publishing a book, maybe by making a video just like I’m doing now?

Will I have the right to say “I regret my abortions”? Will have the right to say that my abortions nearly destroyed me? Will it be a délit [transgressor] to say it?

Because I find it dangerous to keep women from expressing themselves; to not recognize that some women, maybe not all but some women, suffer tremendously from their abortion. And we need to connect, we need this community on the internet. We need to know that we are not alone, that we are not crazy! It’s not all in our heads!

We were told: “It’s just a bunch of cells! Why are you crying? Why would you be sad?” But deep down, we know that we are mothers. We know that it was a child. We think about it. Every year, we think about the birthdays.

Will they forbid us to speak? Will they forbid us to grieve? These are the questions I have about that law.

Thank you for listening.

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