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Lifetime: Euthanasia Drama Stars Doctor ‘Ending Lives with Dignity’

by | Mar 16, 2017

By Katie Yoder

Lifetime believes in a time for death too.

Next month, the network is bringing a euthanasia-centered series to an American audience. Mary Kills People follows Mary Harris (Caroline Dhavernas), a single mother and ER doctor, as she pursues the night job of illegally killing the terminally ill so that they can die “on their own terms.”

Lifetime picked up the Canadian drama in October and will begin airing the show April 23.

In its description, the network euphemistically called Harris a “doctor who helps people in need end their lives with dignity.” (So it’s surprising that the show’s name even has the word “kill.”)

“I believe we should be in control of our life and our death,” Harris says in the trailer.

For her part, Dhavernas (a former Hannibal star) supported the idea of the series.

“Dying is not a crime,” she told The Hollywood Reporter before the show’s debut in Canada on Global TV. “Personally, it’s someone’s right. If you have nothing but suffering ahead of you, we make choices for ourselves through our lives, and that’s the final one.”

She continued to defend the plot.

“Since the beginning of television, we’ve seen life and death situations,” she argued. “That’s what people are drawn to. And these moments, where people die with dignity, are filled with emotion and intensity, and beauty and meaning. They’re everything but depressing.”

The liberal media’s infatuation with assisted suicide and euthanasia has only been gaining speed with time.

Just last year, the media cried watching the “romantic” assisted-suicide film, Me Before You, on the big screen. A woman even died on camera in Right to Die, part of an Emmy-nominated series by Vice and HBO. And, in the magazine world, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and Redbook all promoted the story of a son’s “gift of death” to his mother.

Likewise, in 2015, a PBS documentary glamorized the “right-to-die” and NBC News deemed legal suicide “a death worth fighting for.” But the media’s new obsession became most noticeable in 2014 when they “applauded” Brittany Maynard’s “ethical” choice to die in California.

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