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Proving Love and Support for the woman who tragically chose abortion

by | Mar 3, 2017

By Dave Andrusko

If (as the story concludes) women can “switch sides” on abortion, then NPR has to have one woman who contemplated having an abortion but who ultimately chose life. And, needless to say, the other woman who goes on to abort in a Texas clinic, conveniently tells Maya Cueva that she grew up Catholic.

To make it all better (from the pro-abortion perspective), we are told that for the woman who aborted, “her religion remains a guide. … ‘I still identify as Catholic, and I still feel that God loves me,’ she said. ‘I don’t think I’ve confronted that yet. And I feel that a lot of members of the church shame these women, and they make them feel unloved and unsupported and that God doesn’t love them, which is not true.’”

Yes, God does still love her, just as He loved the baby she couldn’t find room for in her life. And while I cannot speak for anyone other than me, I have met thousands of pro-lifers over the years, Catholic and otherwise, and they would never try to make aborted women feel ashamed or that God does not love them.

Why would they? They/we are trying to help them put their lives back together, to show them that we care, and to help them see that should they be in that situation again, not to make that same fatal mistake.

It’s worth pondering that she says, “I still identify as Catholic, and I still feel that God loves me. …I don’t think I’ve confronted that yet.”

If she glances to the right or to the left, she will find many who would love to help her appreciate just how much God does indeed love her.

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