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Rhode Island Right to Life Action Alert: Your pro-life presence is urgently needed next Wednesday at the State House

by | Mar 23, 2017

We anticipate that hearings will be held before the House Judiciary Committee in Room 101 of the Rhode Island State House as early as next Wednesday afternoon, March 29. The agenda will include a number of abortion-related bills (we will send a comprehensive list when the agenda is posted) including the EXTREME abortion bill about which we have issued two separate action alerts.

In addition to attending these hearings, it is important that you respond to both of the email alerts we have issued. If you have not yet responded to either or both, you may use the appropriate following link(s):

House Bill (H5343) Action Alert

Senate Bill (S0274) Action Alert

We are at a very critical moment in Rhode Island! Planned Parenthood is working very hard to drum up support for unregulated taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand (including partial-birth abortion) up until the moment of birth… right here in Rhode Island. They are running phone banks and even conducting door-to-door canvassing. All the while, they are grossly lying about the intent, the plain-language-meaning, and the legal effects of their bill. And over one-third of the House is still openly supporting them!

We need a very large pro-life presence at the hearings to counter their elaborate and deceptive campaign. The hearings will begin at the “Rise of the House” (roughly 4:30 to 5:00 pm) and are expected to last for at least one or two hours. Convenient parking is available nearby at the Providence Place Mall. You may either sign-up to testify (2 minute limit) or simply sign-up in support of the pro-life bills and in opposition to the anti-life bills. If you need talking points for your testimony, please see the 3 brief legal analyses at our action center.

Please mark your calendar for next Wednesday afternoon and spread the word.

Lastly, please also be advised that there are other abortion-related bills in play as well as an assisted suicide bill filed in both chambers. Please stay tuned to our action alerts for further information.

If you have any questions, please email or call (401) 521-1860.

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