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Statewide Office Holders Energize Crowd at Missouri Right to Life’s “Show Me Life” Pro-Life Action Day

by | Mar 17, 2017

An enthusiastic, grateful and hopeful crowd of over 500 people gathered in the capitol rotunda on March 14th for a celebration of life rally. Missouri Right to Life’s “Show Me Life” action day was a rousing success!

After spending time visiting and encouraging their legislators to pass pro-life legislation, pro-life citizens from across the state came together in a noon rally to hear from many of their statewide, pro-life office holders and the keynote speaker, Melissa Ohden. We were led in prayer by local pastors from Baptist, Catholic, and Lutheran denominations. Music was provided by the local Marks Family Music Ministries.

Missouri pro-lifers exuberantly greeted our newly elected Governor Eric Greitens with a standing ovation. Gov. Greitens greeted the crowd and thanked them for their pro-life convictions. He committed to signing pro-life legislation and making sure that Missouri would not tolerate “sanctuary cities” for abortion.

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens

After the Governor spoke we heard from our pro-life newly elected pro-life Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, newly elected pro-life Attorney General Josh Hawley, our pro-life Speaker of the House, Rep. Todd Richardson and our pro-life President Pro-tem of the Senate, Sen. Ron Richard.

One highlight of the rally was the presence of many college and high school students . They were there specifically supporting the 20-week abortion ban on pain-capable unborn children. The many students attending also presented hundreds of pages of petition signatures to the Speaker of the House and the President Pro-tem of the Senate.

In addition to the 20-week abortion ban, legislation being supported included bills to prevent sanctuary cities for abortion; to insure there is no buying and selling of baby body parts; to defund Planned Parenthood, and to push for a clinic inspection bill to ensure that clinics like Planned Parenthood are held accountable. There were other wonderful pro-life bills also being supported.

Melissa Ohden

Melissa Ohden

The keynote speaker for the “Show Me Life” Celebration of Life rally, Melissa Ohden, was the survivor of a saline abortion 39 years ago. Melissa spoke briefly about the abortion procedure that almost took her life but her primary messages were ones of appreciation for all pro-life activists who she believe saved her life that day and a message of forgiveness for her birth mother and grandmother. She is truly an extraordinary woman who has taken what was a horrible event in her life and with God’s grace has turned it into blessings.

Missouri has not had a pro-life Governor for 8 years. We have not had a pro-life Secretary of State for 12 years. We have not had a pro-life Attorney General for 24 years. Our House of Representatives now has a super pro-life majority of 117, and our Senate is a super pro-life majority of 24.

MRL President Steve Rupp at podium

MRL President Steve Rupp at podium

Missouri pro-lifers have worked hard to elect pro-life leaders on the state and national levels. And our work is not done!

Our MRL PAC is preparing for a battle to defeat pro-abortion U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill in the 2018 election cycle to move our U.S. Senate forward to a super majority of 60.

Great Job pro-life Missourians!

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