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West Virginia Capitol Report: Update on The Parent’s Right to Know Act

by | Mar 24, 2017

Editor’s note. This was provided by West Virginians for Life. A “crossover” deadline refers to the last day for a bill to pass out of the chamber in which it was introduced and move forward for consideration in the opposite chamber.

Charleston, March 24, 2017– The Parent’s Right to Know Act (H.B. 2002/S.B. 424) will close a loophole in a 1984 law that allows a second physician to sign off on an underage girl’s abortion, circumventing her parents ever finding out about it.

The bill passed out of the Judiciary Committee on Thursday, March 23. As of this report, it will be on First Reading on Saturday, Second Reading (the amendment stage) on Monday, and Third Reading/Passage on Tuesday, March 28.

Then it will move on to the Senate just one day ahead of the crossover deadline (Wednesday, March 29).

What supporters can do is to contact your district Delegates and ask them to vote on Tuesday for the Parent’s Right to Know Act, HB 2002.

Continue to follow the bill’s progress at our website under the Legislation heading at the top.

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